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The Coolest Bands of All Time.(This also includes Indie Bands(Bands thats nobody's heard.)) Answered

I created this simple to list and talk about The coolest bands in the world. I'll start off 1.L70ECT- I am Murloc


The coolest band ever is radiohead and the coolest band ever is the beatles

Here are some of my favorites in no particular order: Farewell Ludo Journey Sugarcult Echo Screen Talking Heads The Cranberries Tgl Pink Floyd Quietdrive

Haha, I agree with skunk. Talking Heads are awesome!

Take me to the river
Drop Me in the water!

I found this parody of once in a lifetime :P It's not  exactly something you'd want your grandma or someone like that to hear though...

I absolutely love Take me to the river!

Uhhmm... 1. Metallica 2. All that Remains 3.. Scar Symmetry 4. Red Hot Chili Peppers 5. AC/DC 6. Slipknot 7. The Clash 8. The Police 9. The Ramones 10. Lacuna Coil 11. Cradle of Filth 12. Children of Bodom 13. Led Zeppelin 14. Van Halen 15. David Bowie 16. Black Tide 17. Coheed & Cambria 18. The Who 19.Avenged Sevenfold 20. Aerosmith 21. Disturbed 22. Pat Benatar 23. Poison 24. Boston 25. Simple Plan 26. Def Leppard 27. Muse 28. Dream Theater 29. Megadeth 30. Judas Priest 31. Evanescance 32. Paramore 33. Bang Camaro 34. The Cab 35. Iron Maiden 36. System of a Down 37. Bon Jovi

Most of those are great bands, no joking.

inorite? Which ones do you like from my list?


8 years ago

1.Vinnla Ice
2.Beastie Boys
(OK there not really music, but their still good.)
3.Green Jelly
...and more to come.

i am murloc green day pantera gun and roseses

I am Murloc is a song from L70ETC, a band on WoW.

"I am murloc" is not the band name they are called L70ETC (level 70 elite tauren chieftain) and the band is made up of a few guys who work for blizzard entertainment great band...

my order 1.L70ETC 2.dethklok 3.metallica(old stuff first 4 or 5 cds) 4.black sabbath 5. tenacious D 6.led zepplin 7.pantera 8.infected mushrooms(techno) 9.dream theater 10.dope (couldn't think of any other to put I would officially say they are my 10th favorite)

L70ETC is from WoW, but still a cool band indeed!

 ...this list is truly amusing....!

I say this because I do realize what makes a band "cool" - like most other things in life - is in the eye of the beholder, and totally of personal opinion. 

But it's a tad funny to see total mainstream crap who's entire image was designed by PR people, & essentially had nothing to do with "walking-the-walk" & everything to do with "talking-the-talk" make this list....makes me realize that the "dumbing-down" of the masses is true indeed.


The whole purpose is to see people's options on "cool" bands, you don't see people fighting about witch band is cooler. And yes the form has nothing to do with much, but it's still fun to learn something useless and fun!

Bon Jovi
Van Halen


9 years ago

Porcupine Tree Pink Floyd Pain of Salvation The Tea Party Tool Green Day Led Zeppelin

1: Chicago 2: Led Zeppelin 3: Machinae Supremacy 'nuff said

nooo... It's below now. You only put 3... I put 37

Old CHicago, definitely (I've got old CTA on vinyl!), but the later stuff, not so much.

Really? "I Don't Wanna Live Without Your Love" and "Stay The Night" are my personal chart toppers...

For me it's "25 or Six to 4" and "Saturday in the Park".

Aye, I'm fond of 25 or 6 to 4....
whatever the hell its about...

It's about how rock musicians get silly at night far earlier than good computer nerds... Lightweights!

That's one of the better explanations I've heard.

I don't think ANYONE knows what it's aoutb

I thought i had it all figuered out then i found out i didnt at all...

Vampire Weekend The Raconteurs

Vampire Weekend is good! If you like them you might like Army Navy.

Thanks for the suggestion. I'll be sure to torrent some of their stuff.

Soulja boy Lil wayne Kayne west 50 cent TI Chris brown VIC (i think they were just a one hit wonder tho) T-pain Shop boyz (may be dead) Ludacris flo-rida

If you like those bands, you might like these guys...

(It starts off sorta weird, but I think it gets good.)

it says "embedding disabled by request"

Oh. You can just double click to follow it to the page on youtube.

I actually do like one rap song, I mentioned it before I believe, by Fort Minor, because he had also allowed a taping by D-PAN (Deaf performing Arts Network; sadly the video is no longer available), and that piece is Where'd You Go; which inspired me to relearn my then out of practice, ASL.

The D-PAN video is no longer available, but are you saying you have never heard of Fort Minor?

Here is the song with out the sign language.......

ok, but I dont need the sign language.

Nor do I, but it meant a lot to me, as I had been a signer at one time, and the song itself touches home pretty deeply......been there, with the roles reversed....

They're not deaf, but my little brothers and sisters do sign some. When my little sister signs "I love you" and touches her three fingertips to mine, proclaiming, "They fit!", it's really quite sweet.

My one nephew, who is autistic, was taught signing to a degree to help him advance his communication skills early. It appears that children can learn to sign before they learn to speak, if taught in that order...

"Baby sign" is becoming increasingly popular (we've started it with our daughter). There's good data which shows that infants as young as 8-9 months have the ability to communicate, even if they don't have the fine motor control to drive their vocal apparatus.