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The Edge - Batch Game Answered

The game; "The Edge" maybe be released in 14th March 2013 as 0.1 Alpha, but for now I have a demo for you to test, it's just only for you to look around the TV part of the game.

Link to game: http://martzon.webs.com/

But you will need to make an WEBSID account in order to download it.



I would try it, but I don't like going through that much effort for something I don't know about.

What is the genre?
What is the expected audience?
Who's working on it?
Why should we play it?
How is it good?
How long have you been working on it?

I could probably think of a lot more, but I won't. Please update your forum topic with more info.

Then maybe I'll try it :)

Genre: RPG and Simulation
Expected audience: Perverts, anyone and gamers that like batch games
I am working on it, I just want more people to work with me.
Well it's a very short demo, this would help us/me.
This demo is crap, but the final alpha product will be very good.
1 month ish

Well that's a start (made a new comment because the reply button ran away).

Well, I'll play it once it's in Alpha. Just message me.