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The Etch-o-matic process Answered

I found this website for the etch-o-matic and thought how cool. I also thought that this has to be something really really easy to make myself if I knew a little more about it.

So I'm wondering if anyone knows how to build one of these or if there is already an instructable that for this that I just couldn't find, or if someone knows of another source for further info. If anyone even just knows the generic term for this process that would be a help.

I'm also wondering about the stencil http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DjYio1YZuCA, is there another, more generic product out there that does the same thing? The development is no problem because I have an old blueprint machine that will do that part nicely.

thanks a million



hi! i know I'm a little late on this forum, i just found the etchomatic at a machinists sale in the city. a giziliion stencil papers; etchomatic unit and a bunch of the chemicals- no uv stencil maker though. wondering if you had gotten around using the stencil maker they sell? thanks so much.


I did purchase the kit, with contained the machine, etching solution, and a few blank stencils. The stencils use UV light and a developer to remove the image which is exposed onto the film. A kit containing the UV light, developer, etc is sold separately, at a fairly high cost.

I'm looking for the chemical composition of the developer. I understand the process and can build a UV light box, but without the developer I'm out of luck.


I just watched the video; and being inherently suspicious, I wondered since he marked a small tool, said he'd show it later, then proceeded to make sure he did NOT show the mark made on it. *shrug* I don't know, maybe I am just paranoid....

I recently purchased an etch-o-matic but have yet to use it. I'm looking for someone who has a stencil maker, or knowledge of the chemicals involved in making the stencils. I plan to give the machine a try this evening.

So you bought the machine alone and not the "kit", I assume? In the video, he says the method of making the stencils is included in the kit.