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The Filling or the Crust? We need your opinions! Answered

Recent pie-related activities at Instructables HQ have incited the following question:

Which do you prefer - the filling or the crust?

I'm a crust girl myself, but recognize that is not the way of the world.

Do you think there are cultural differences? Geographic preferences? Or perhaps just an early distaste for meringue that set me on the wrong path for life?

Voice your opinions here and let the world know how you feel about pie!



I personally like the combination of crust and filling. Still, I love them both! Go pie and pi! 3.14159265358...

i prefer pi.  read it forward then backward! note: you may get dizzy with slight chance of vomiting.  : )

 Read it forward, then backward?  Would you actually be able to finish reading it forward before you die?

no not pi it never ends, but the sentence I prefer pi  when read forwards then backwards still says I prefer pi! pretty cool rite? : ).

nice palindrome. here's a good one "Are we not drawn onward, we few, drawn onward to new era?"

Well, I really like pie and like both, but people use pie filling in other recipes. Every pie has crust, so I guess I like the crust! Adding on to cupcake, 3.141592653589793238462643383279502841971693993751058209749
66407938446095505822317253594818482... That's about 52 digits. Go pi!

i prefer graham cracker crust over filling.

Crust can make or break a pie.  I like the pie if the crust is great, if not I prefer the filling.

 I have to admit.  I like the filling better, but a crust makes or breaks a pie.  The filling can be phenomenal, but if the crust tastes like cardboard, I can't stand the pie....

Filling any day, almost, but cake is my over all fave!

What the heck? I love cake! not pie!

A flakky crumbelling light crust golden and tender not moist with just a slight remainder of filler sauce. ouuuh aaawww. cant choose, now that is torture since I dont have a pie right now

If it is a crumble crust then the crust is good, but otherwise the filling. :-)

to state that you prefer the crust in a pie suggests that you would be perfectly fine cooking a pie crust and eating it like a cookie (or a cracker)....if you WOULD in fact go to the trouble of baking a pie crust as a snack...then you're weird..but whatever the crust of a pie is a conveyance for the filling....you'd burn your hands trying to eat a bunch of baked apples without the crust!

Both! No but really I would go for crust myself.


8 years ago

lol, i'm a crusty one too!


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The question is both because each compliments the other the filling (what ever you like but I prefer apple or cherry) and the nicest crust that gives it that extra flavor.

Both!! I'm into made from scratch pumpkin pie and the best-every-time pie crust is PAPA'S. It's in the freezer section of the supermarket. I just love it! It makes pie baking easy!!

most definitely the filling. cherry is my favorite.

I like the filling. I don't like pie crust. except for the Oreo or graham cracker crust. those are good.

I think a light, flaky crust that's TASTY is just as important as the crust.

i meant to say for the from

I buy and/or make pies from the filling not the crust or else i just make like fifty per day the fillings the good part it what the entire pie orbits around anyway there more types of fillings than crust

This depends on who made the pie. Normal store made pie (or store made crusts), I prefer the filling (if it is apple, blueberry, cherry, peach or mincemeat - the real stuff). When my Grandma on my Dad's side was still alive, it was DEFINITELY the crust. She made the best, crunchiest, lard-made crusts ever. Although her homemade sour cherry filling ran a very close second....

I think we're talking about GOOD pie, not mediocre store-bought.

Yes, I know, but all too often pies are made from crusts bought premade, some already in the pan.....and I don't care for them so much.

I never had crust made like my Grandma did (ever though it wasn't good FOR you) made with lard and not shortening. :-) Umm um.

I guess you might say I did a bit of waffling with that last post ;-)


8 years ago

While a good pie crust can be a great complement to the filling, it's exactly that - a supporting player. Filling is where it's at. That's why cobblers are so good!


9 years ago

I'm an equal opportunity consumer. I don't discriminate.

Nice economics :P

They both taste worse it you eat them seperatley, together is best. But if i had to choose it would be the filling, i cant stand dry flaky things :S

My mom used to make me a crust and sprinkle cinnamon sugar on it. Yum!

the filling and the crust of course! or else it would not be a pie if u want crust buy some pie crust and eat those if you want filling eat just that!

maybe im misunderstanding, but i like to have a pie with filling and a crust

Think of it this way: A pie is only a pie with crust and filling, however, if you had to eat one without the other, which would you prefer....?

i dont really understand anyone who would just eat pie filling out of a bowl, let alone a crust... side question: why must they slant the back crust of a pie slice so when im down to the last 2 inches, it falls down, and thats always when im being OCD and trying not to touch the whip cream until the last bite

i dont really understand anyone who would just eat pie filling out of a bowl, let alone a crust...

It isn't a question of whether you would eat just one or the other, but which part of the pie one likes best :-)

I am not sure I know what you mean about slanting the back crust of a pie though.

does the crust include the bottom part too? cuz if so i do like being OCD with pumpkin pie by scraping off the pumpkin filling leaving the crust to last, even though i havent done that in years the higher the crust (from a fixed ref point, say, a table), the radius of the pie (parallel to a ref point) increase to decrease the probability of the crust caving inwards during the process of making and serving. but is it worth it

Question: do you always overthink simple questions ;-)

I would think. BTW: I am like that with cake.....I eat the cake first, and save the iceing for last :-)

Agreed. Neither is as good without the other.

My answer is yes. I like the filling. I like the crust. I've been back and forth about this and I'd have to say that I like both. Argh. I just can't choose and you can't make me! Now I have to go have pie. Grrr...