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The First Mini Knex Gun Answered

This is the first mini knex gun that I know of on this site I am not going to post though.


Woops, I was about to say something about Yannyboy already having two mini-pistols, but I didn't realize this was mini-knex!

im going to make that gun out of the regular size knex

those mini knex are pretty cool but i prefer the big ones!!

yyyaaaaayyyyyyyyy!!!!!!!!!!!!!p.s Im trying to make a cannon that can shoot different ammo ill tell you about it in a pm.

not the first. one was posted but got deleted a couple of months back

why do you have to act like you know everything?!?!?!?!? You dont and you know it!

I was there and I saw the topic. Your comments are only hurting yourself.

Quite good, there could be a future in building regular guns in mini pieces...

I have mini knex because i bought a tub of it on accident thinking it was the original one. Now i got tons of it! Making guns out of mini knex is a pain to me because they are harder to control. Yet, Good gun!

I built a TDSS (kinda, had the slide and stuff) out of the minis.

well the trigger breaks when you throw it but other than that it holds up pretty well.

Its cool, but i wouldn't post because its mini knex.