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The Fort Contest is starting on Monday, 7/22 Answered

I'm so excited to announce our first ever Fort Contest! I don't know about you guys, but I am excellent at building forts. I'm better at the blanket kind than the sticks-and-plywood kind, but I love building both! Even though I'm nearly 30, I'll still build one if given a chance.

And this is that chance! Time to break out your best blankets or building-with-scrap-wood-skills and make a FANTASTIC FORT!

Plus, mikeasaurus has chosen some amazing prizes - we've got a grand prize for both indoor and outdoor forts and enough prizes for five runner up winners. I love these prize packs and I would like to have one of each. :D

Check out the official contest page for more information!

Remember that the contest is open 7/22 - 9/16 so instructables posted before or after are not eligible.


I'll be moderating entries from inside my desk-fort while this contest is active.

If you raise the Canadian flag over it, does it become a place to seek asylum...wait, the whole place already is...

This is an absolutely delightful idea!

Oh, the perfect summer break contest!

Thank you so much Jessy.
This sounds so much fun. I was taking fort as in king's fort but this different. Is it possible to point out some instructables as examples.

You are awesome Jessy (btw this is your name...right? :)). Thank you so much.