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The Game.Life 3 Contest is starting soon! Answered

Gather up all those extra lives you have laying around - Game.Life is back for its third installment!

We want to see your most fantastic gaming instructables - retro or modern, complex or simple! Whether you're modding your game console or baking a Portal cake, we want to see it.

Enter a videogame related project between March 25 and April 29 for a chance to win a GoPro Helmet Hero or some amazing gaming accessories including a portable S/NES, wireless controllers, and Minecraft and Portal items.

P.S. - Make sure you don't publish your instructable before the 25th!


Should it be something, that is used in one video game and looks exactly like it? Or can it be something that uses a principle, that is used in multiple games?

I hope you got what I meant without giving away to much. This contest gives me an excuse to finally finish something I've been working on for a long time, but I'm not sure it would be eligible, because it doesn't look like something from a certain game.

As long as it is something recognizable from videogames in general, it'll work! Like, for example, a IRL health bar or something that is videogame-y without being too specific. :D