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The Geekiest Status Ring Ever Answered

Wow. This ring measures how many hits you get when you Google your name. It resets the number when you dock it.

So geeky, so vain.



I have 411. With my middle name, only 1.

Oh! That's scary! I just did a vanity search on Google to see what my count would be (about 257000) and one of the first links indicates that I'm appealing a murder conviction in Ohio! I certainly hope that I'm handling prison well...

looks like im a photographer in arizona, character in a book, owe $200,000 to someone... geez... i may be in jail with you. nevermind, i owe that in maryland, your going to be in ohio if the appeal doesnt work. looked for myself on wikipedia, and got a 84.3% relevance to "Characters of Final Fantasy VIII"

Gosh, I got 1,300,000 hits, but I recently died in a car crash (an ironic death for a crooked accident insurance businessman...), and I'm three years older than me. (As for wikipedia, I have a whole page in my name!)

I get 22,600 hits for "zachninme" -- at least 98% of which are about me. I skimmed the first 50 results.

hehehe... I got 1,830,000 hits for "LasVegas"... For some reason most of them are for some city in Nevada!

Oy, I looked within my own home "town" and got about 8, and 2 of them have my middle name too......and none of them were me....now that is scary.

at my brother's doctors office, there is a kid with the exact same name, middle name too. he also shares a birthday in the same month and same year. they have to be careful when they grab the records not to grab his instead of my brother's.

Yeah, I looked in my home town just because that kind of thing happened at my dentist. They pulled a record with my first and last name....wrong street, asked my middle name, and still got the wrong record.....another wrong street that they lived on. My bank has the same problem....I have to carry my Accnt number with me when I go to the bank to make sure I am depositing to MY account *sigh*

"I'd like to widthdraw 20,000 pounds please"

20,000 lbs of what ? LOL ( kidding, I know what you mean ;-) ). All you will get from my acct right now is around $6 American LOL

Look under the bed for pods, you might be being cloned! Cheers, Pat. Pending

Speaking of pods, I liked the original of the movie better then the remake :-) Except for my middle name I expected the others. I have a very common set of names really (especially in "my" area) .

so umm... whats it like in the afterlife?

Surprisingly pleasant, especially since I wasn't expecting one. Strangely, though, I don't remember the crash...

Sorry to hear of your recent demise. Will your next instructable be along the lines of wing grooming/harp construction or will you be leaning more towards pitchfork sharpening/pyro related stuff? I also received some bad news after a search on Google; apparently, I'm a two-dimensional character in a kids cartoon! I have suspected for quite some time that I lacked any depth at all :( Cheers, Pat. Pending

My last name is very uncommon, so I didn't have much luck - only my Jezebel interview, haha.

But searching jessyratfink & jessy.ratfink yields a ton of results. :P

Thanks for cross-linking posts kiteman, I almost forgott to check the forum today untill I recieved the topic notification via email ;-) It looks very interesting, but adressing the problems I am having. Powersupply, size and "wearability" :-) Even with a micro-Lithiumcell I would expect the ring to consume too much power to run constantly. But the most trouble would be wearing it without getting caught at some edge or clothing, ripping the display off. I have found a cheap and nontoxic resin yesturday, so I will make a few tests in a few days hopefully. I might contact that guy too, and hey, he's even from germany too. This would make one cool watch, thats for sure. However, I also contacted a few custom-LCD producers, since a black&white; liquid crystal display would be perfect for a ring, since it consumes very little power, and it would be visible, while the radiowaves are more geeky subtile.

Hmm, I wonder if one could get one that counts how many hours one has been alive by putting in a date LOL

Yeah, but the logic circuit would take up the size of a finger joint I am afraid, even if I only used a transponder to get it from the computer....

A digit requires 7 segments, a SMD (sot23) pic could controll one or more directly (multiplexing, charlieplexing) or use a SMD counter IC to jump from pin to pin at a high rate. Maybee there are even SMD display controllers. Since a smd LED is 1.1x1.8.0.7 it fits in a ring without making it uncomftably large to wear. Same with the microcontroller. Unfortunaly I am unable to find such small LCD displays, and even SMD LEDs draw a bit too much current. The idea we are having for a display ring is that it counts the seconds since they last touched (or otherwise transferred data) :-)

As example, but my guess is a FET would be to sensitive to electrostatic.

Yeah,I am having a hard time thinking, sorry.....all week I have had a pretty bad headache.

My project gives me one too ;-) Since magnetic / induction are no option and I could not find a IR SMD module small enough, the only way I could think of are two metal contacts or such so the rings touch :-(

A 'pico powered' microcontroller and a small LCD could run for months off a watch battery (not if you're using RC for updating, though.) If you've ever ripped apart a lcd clock or a game, you'll find little conductive strips that sandwich between the board and the screen. The PCBs themselves are very run-of-the-mill. With a small handheld game LCD (and it's associated strips) you could fabricate your own, I think...

Of course, you'd need a separate driver chip then for the LCD, wouldn't you? Bother.

still a ring is very small, at least if it has to be regular sized.
in my sketch (which i posted here too), you see how hard it is to include everything. Solar seemed the best way, but only for low current components, not LEDs. A tiny LCD would rock my socks, even if its just 7 segments.

This is just what schorhr was looking for!

However - I'm not sure it has it's own batteries. I think that the wearer in the video is trying to hide wires, and the pdf file has a whole bunch of wires sticking out of it.


10 years ago

I think I saw this yesterday..... crazy.