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The Grass Scanner Answered

Now you can know for certain if the grass is really greener on the other side thanks to Alice Wang's fantastic new grass scanner. It takes 3 seperate readings using Pantone color detecting devices and then averages them to determine a the true green-ness of the grass.

via We Make Money Not Art


Now, where did I put that grass? Oh, yeah! It's under my feet. Check. Guess I'll get my tree scanner, now.

By the title I thought this was going to be a way to find pot! Actually, I couldve used one like that. One of my renters planted some "grass" and then moved out. The cops would've thought it was mine (if they found it first)!

hahaha pot finder yay for cops hagha

wow this is what the world really needed.....

my grass has a green rating of 647718, whats yours!


Reply 10 years ago

Aw.. my grass averages about #A9D12E.. that's not very green. However, I don't use sprinklers or a hose to water it which makes it "greener" than the neighbours :)

what is with the hexdecimal number?

Presumably not having read the entire archive of Pixel and spendt enough time on the internet that colour references automatically mean 6-digit hex codes :P

well, ya but i wrote a instructable on hexdecimal code!

Oh. Well... that's inexcusable :P Although your 'Tible only covered number representations, not all the stuff hex is used for.

well ya, but i still had known that colors are represented by hex.

Haha, the most useless invention ever...

nah, not useless, you could use it to test the color of paint for example :-)

my grass it more dry and crinkly than all of yours gauranteed.

see our garden on summer!nothing more than pure yellowness because somebody watered them with a water truck

If I still lived in Oklahoma, I would have you all beat...

What next?

Yes, because i cannot see it is green for myself, i must make sure scientificly. Ehh im sure it has some aplicable reasons for being made

Wow, I don't even have grass anymore (well, I do in the rental but not at my land where we are building)