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The Great Egg Race Returns! Answered

Brits of a certain age will remember The Great Egg Race - teams of ingenious chaps using the contents of a typical shed or kitchen to solve a problem of which they have no prior notice, kind of a cardigan-wearing precursor to Scrapheap Challenge (aka Junkyard Wars).

At the same time, an international egg-mobile contest was going on; teams and individuals competing to make vehicles to carry a 70g egg as far as possible, powered only by a single, small elastic band.  For American readers, it's a similar idea to a mouse-trap car.

Well, it's back!

Firstly, there's a digitised archive of shows from the Early eighties (the years when I was in secondary education!) available online here (sorry, I don't know if they are available to US viewers, but maybe you can find it YouTube?).

In addition, Auntie Beeb is bringing it back, or at least, it's spirit, in the form of a new Wallace and Gromit show, with animated inventions, instructions for making your own gadgets (some familiar to us here, like a vibrobot, others more unusual, like a Magnus-effect car (I'm really curious about that one!).

Keep an eye on this show, folks, and on the hands-on page - it could be a great source of inspiration for new Makers, and your own Instructables.


Yes, it's interesting to draw comparisons with Scrapheap Challenge.


GER is so much more polite, probably exactly what other countries think of as "British".

You see Prof- presenter, Prof- guest, research-team of BAE or something, and the studio audience sit there for 4 hours watching them do that, and then they clap.

You'd have to pay people to do that these days...


And the presenters talk quietly, so that they don't disturb the boffins at work.

Lawrence Spitty-Welsh-Name shouts at the Scrapheap contestants with a megaphone...

I really think they should resurrect GER in a style only slightly up-dated from the original. Maybe keep the teams amateur, or mixed (Pro-am? Pro-celeb?).

Should? Yes probably, but it's a niche-interest these days (with so much other stuff on TV) I don't think anyone will.
There are some good challenges around this site - can you imagine Heinz discussing K'NEX engineering with (? e.g.) James Dyson?


We were nearly on it. We were scheduled to be in the last series, back in 1986. We had to give up, because the team leader, my dad, had to go to China

It was much, much better than crap heap ever was.


I agree. This is Fn awesome.

Sorry, you referenced, and I had to follow :D

Good call. Especially since I had lost my Fn bookmark. Thanks