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The Great Outdoors Contest is starting on Monday, June 3rd! Answered

In previous years, we've run several smaller summer themed contests - this year we're going BIG!

We're looking for fantastic projects to inspire folks to get outside and have fun. Boating, camping, hiking, climbing, swimming - anything you do outside! Build your own boat or sew your own tent, teach us how to cook over a campfire, share what you carry in your hiking pack, etc.

And this year, the prizes are amazing! Alite Designs has sponsored the contest, and is giving away an Ultimate Outdoor Prize Pack to the grand prize winner - the first and second winners will receive fantastic prizes from Alite as well.

We've also had prizes given to us from Mrballeng - Fishbones! Each of the 18 winners in the contest will receive one of his knotless gear ties - check out the official website to see all the neat ways you can use them.

The Great Outdoors Contest is open June 3 - August 26! Check out the contest page for more information.