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The Green Glass Door game!! Answered

This is a forum based game in which players (YOU) are trying to get objects through the mysterious Green Glass Door! The keeper's (ME) job is to make sure only the right things get through the wonderous Green Glass Door. So here is what you do... you say a random item, then I tell you whether or not it can go through. Pretty simple right?? forum rules apply and if you already know how to play or the discover the secret, DON'T RUIN IT!!!!


Is this still on? I'll bring in a wii, some pizza, and maybe my pet poodles if you're willing.

Oompaahs of Strauss, Debussy, Rachmaninoff, Mussorgsky, Beethoven, I think we are digressing back in time...

Arrrgh, I just realized, since they won't let Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart in, I am not going :-(

Prince will not...
That doesn't bother me LOL
But many of MY favorites will not be:

Schubert, Mozart, Karl Wagner, Handel, Haydn, Maynard, Vivaldi, the Bach's, Brahms, Adler, Etc. *sigh*

hmm lets see none of my favorite bands can go...wait 3 doors down can!!

Great game!
I'll bring Scrabble and chess to the party!
Hmmm, to eat I'll bring Cheetos, carrots, and egg rolls.

  • i'm pretty proud of the last one!

well you can definitely take the egg rolls *the best one you can take is a bOOKKEEper

Hmm, and tasty assorted muffins, apple jelly croissants, buttered cinnamon rolls, and coffee or latte for breakfast.

Wow, that was great. Funny thing is, I'm actually cooking spaghetti sauce with mushrooms and green peppers, and meatballs and we'll be having mozzarella cheese bread. This is so fun!

You must try tortellini or cavatelli shapes...Dessert with cherry whipped topping, yellow chiffon cake, blueberry sauce, marshmallow sauce, jello, macaroons, and an assorted cheese tray with swiss.

I know the game......I just cant come up with anything along the rules!!!!

Your new yellow-green outfit will gain you admission but a black and white tuxedo will rule you out. You gotta have something to wear...pantaloons but no shorts...

From the color of grass to the color of pee......My new look has been ill received.....

Better a cool shade of Mountain Dew than of poo...Your neon look was still conceived....

"Big wheel keep on turning Proud mary keep on burning And were rolling, rolling Rolling on the river..."

The great Creedence Clearwater Revival :-)

Then we can let in Martha Reeves & the Vandellas &
Diana Ross but not the Supremes

The Doors, ABBA, Rick Astley only if you get rickrolled...

Hey, let's not forget the Doobie Brothers LOL Not to mention The Chiffons, the Ronettes, and the Shirelles

I thought it was the Green Glass Door Puzzle?

I bet theres comments behind the door ;-)

Nah, there's nothing behind the door. 'tis just a game.

'Tis true that fools can get in the door. Nothing cannot get through.

That's very... poetic. In such a simple game, too.

The gatekeeper and doorkeeper can go through but anybody holding it cannot. Schoolchildren may run through it. Where is everyone?

Gah! So many people must've figured it out by now... cool.

You know...some foods are good, others ain't...bring a spoon, not a fork...drink from the glass, not the bowl...

ah, and I am quite fond of Pork Rillettes myself :-)

ah, the flood light on top o' the noggin went off?

Sometimes we look but refuse to see, sometimes we convince ourselves there is nothing to see, and then, occasionally, we actually look at what is in front of us, and see. It is funny though that light can't enter, but the seeing can. The doom and gloom will enter though. as I have said elsewhere: pi-pinnnnnnggggggg.

Oh, we need good music!. And my minds a blank...

Both good music and poor music, but no bad music :-)

Hmm, sounds like a party door to me ;-) One thing, if light can not enter, that means either there is no light within, or that it is self-lit from within. Gee, that helped out a lot didn't ? LOL Can my horse come in? If not, then I have to go see a man about a horse. Ovo

A party pooper can come in but not with the party. It could be dark inside because the Moon made it through but not the Sun. A horse cannot go through but if you ride a moose you can. A camel with one hump cannot but the camel with two humps could go through if it was a hummer.

He would have to offer you the saddle and you could take that through or you would just have to hold it until you got home.

I should be able to find something to stand behind.... ;-)

I got it! But i won't say anything!


10 years ago

Reminds me of Zendo, which is a pretty cool game...

An ostrich

The bear cannot but only if it was Pooh bear.

Grizzly bears could too; they can go anywhere they want!

Air cannot but you can take a balloon through.

The ostrich cannot but you can take the zoo.


10 years ago

Trying to stay on an Instructables theme, Freeduinos can get through, but not the original Arduinos, right? GCC, but not BASIC; but I'm not sure about Pascal, COBOL, and LOGO ? PPC Macs are ok, but not the Intel Macs. Dell computers are allowed, but not Gateway or HP... The Asus Eee PC is welcome, but OLPC XO owners are turned away... I think Laser Cutters would be allowed, but Laser Engravers just wouldn't cut the mustard. Solar Cells in, Wind generators out.