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The Higgs Boson ? Answered

If you hang out in some of the nerdier websites (including this one), you probably couldn't help but get excited about yesterday's news regarding the Higgs Boson. If you somehow missed it, here's the breakdown....

Higgs Boson


Has ANYONE any further info on this?

They basically narrowed it down a bit to a certain energy range. So far, neither proved or disproven.

Hi, Goodhart. Your post, and the other decent news reports, pretty much covered it. As Jeff-O said, all that CMS and ATLAS did was to narrow down the energy (mass) range where a signal is expected.

Both experiments have overlapping 2.5-3.5 standard deviation bands, which isn't enough for discovery, and barely enough to even claim "evidence for." By the end of next year, with about 3 times the data, if there is a real signal it should be seen at greater than 5-sigma.