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The Ikea Chicken Coop Answered

Ikea has served humans so well with its affordable home furnishings, but what about the chickens? Urban chickens want some of that Scandinavian style too and who are we to hold them back? That's why Aaron Bell and wife Corinne created this new chicken coop that is largely made from four different Ikea items. Check the link below for more details.

Ikea home for chicks via make


 um...keeping your chickens outside does NOT make your eggs organic!   It may make them free-range, but in order to have organic eggs, you need to feed organic feeds, not medicate, and get certified by an approved certifying body, like Oregon Tilth.

 I like the coop, it's cute and functional.  Nice job.

This is the best use of Ikea furniture I think I have ever seen! Great coop!

You should totally send this to Ikea Hacks.

I think I would rather have that for our chickens than what we have now, since you have to go in the coop to get the eggs, and our chickens jump and try to fly around... I should talk to my dad about putting a door on the back of our coop for getting the eggs...

I have chickens... But i would rather keep them outside. So if you decide to sell the eggs you can say there organic. and its a bit sad to keep chickens in littile house. But the coop is ok for its house to perch in lay eggs etc.

Yeah, I thinnk we might start letting them out during the day since now they're old enough and know to go back into the chicken coop when they're supposed to.