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The Instructables Green Design Contest is starting on Earth Day! Answered

In celebration of Earth Day and all things eco-friendly, we’re holding a Green Design Contest in partnership with TreeHugger!  Think “green” and submit an eco-friendly Instructable that uses sustainable materials or are energy efficient by design. For example, use recycled materials such as reclaimed lumber instead of new virgin growthwood. Or, choose to use renewable, responsibly sourced materials with minimal-to-no toxicity such as plant-based PLA plastic instead of oil-based ABS plastics.  If you’re designing something with electronics, consider how much power the circuit consumes, or even how much electricity is needed when it's not in use and in stand-by mode.  Also think through the end-of-life considerations of the product, such as making sure it’s easy to repair, and the individual parts can be reused or eventually recycled down the line. Come up with any project with these factors in mind, and you could win over $1,000 in prizes including a Voltaic Systems OffGrid Solar Backpack, ReadySet Renewable Energy Kit with Solar Panel and LED light, Nokero Solar Light Bulbs and a $500 REI gift certificate.

As a special Judges’ Prize, we’re awarding anyone who uses one of Autodesk’s personal design and creativity applications, such as the Autodesk® 123D® 3D modeling apps or the Autodesk®SketchBook® easy-to-use drawing tools. The winner of this prize will also receive over $1,000 in prizes including a Voltaic Systems OffGrid Solar Backpack, ReadySet Renewable Energy Kit with Solar Panel and LED Light, Nokero Solar Light Bulbs and a $500 REI gift certificate. Your project may also become a learning resource to teach kids about sustainable design!

For more information on green product design strategies, check out the videos and tutorials on the Sustainability Workshop that cover whole systems and lifecycle thinking, improving a product’s lifetime, lightweighting, and more.

Contest is open 4/22 - 6/17.


Was this contest posted in the upcoming contests page? I can't find it and was using that as my planner so to speak. Is there a page with a consolidated list of all upcoming contests so I know when certain ones are actually starting? Thanks!


Check there! All the contests that are currently running can be found on that list.

This forum topic:

Is not entirely comprehensive - anytime we've got big contests like this or Epilog, chances are they will not be on that list. For big contests we're normally working with outside companies to run them, so the start dates/prizes/etc are all subject to change! Hope that helps explain. :)

We've got a lot planned that's not on that list yet, and might not be until the last second!

So I guess the best plan of action is to just "follow" you and your posts so that I don't miss out on anything. Will do! Thanks again.

You're welcome!

I am going to be posting a forum topic for each new contest (or set of contests!) and linking to the contest page before it launches. Right now that can be as much as a week+ beforehand, but sometimes it might just be the Friday before. :)

It looks like the epilog contest wasn't listed under upcoming contests either. Is it under a different category? Thank and sorry for the confusion.

I was considering entering this contest but then saw that the instructable I would enter was posted before 4/22. But then when I looked at the current entries, some of them were also published before 4/22. Is that date flexible? I don't understand.

We had an issue with the start date on the backend - was supposed to be 4/22 but got changed. Things 4/20 and after are eligible!