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The Instructables Knex Tournament - with Prizes! :D Answered

The Knex Tournament

I am NO knexer. At all (I lie, I have a Knex pocket turret I designed sitting next to me right now. Whatever.) I have posted no Knex Instructables, no forum topics besides this, and only have half a blue tub of Knex in my basement. So why the &%! would I post a Knex contest, and offer fabulous prizes (look below)?

Recently, for those who don't know, an argument in the Knex section has been going on. Quite a few Knexers, angered by their in-ability to pay for Pro (I need a pro judge! Look below), have left Instructables for a clone known as Knex Innovation, which is a Knex site similar to Instructables, but with higher criteria and no 'Non-Knexers". This gets me down. Instructables is a great site, and a substantial group leaving it makes me angry, esp. as it is over a small issue. However, one of their complaints- that Instructables does not cater to Knex- is completely true. There have been no official contests, and all the user-run ones are small. So here is a contest that I hope will draw those Knexers back to Instructables, while also improving the Knex image.

  • Your entry MUST be original. No mods on anything existing. Borrowing parts from other builds is allowed with original author's permission. A PM will do.
  • Your Entry must be completely Knex and rubber bands. For a complete list of allowed materials, check below.
  • Your entry must be posted in Instructable format, with complete and readable instructions. For more detail, check "Criteria"
  • Your entry must have good spelling and grammar. Entries without will be disqualified, within reason ( a few mistakes are fine.) If you are foreign, please send me a link to your unpublished 'ible, and i will correct as many mistakes as I find.

Criteria for Judging:
  • How well it works
  • Aesthetics (PRETTY!!!)
  • It must be clear and easy to follow, No "follow the pics". You must state, in both word and image format, how to do each step, with piece by piece instructions.
  • Grammar
  • Spelling
  • Any additional rules stated in the round

Allowed Materials:
  • Knex (Duh)
  • Knex motors
  • Rubber bands
  • Tape (in moderation)
Please ask if in doubt or if you wish to incorporate other materials.

Prizes (Yay!)

Grand Prize (1 winner)
Either $10 or a tub of Knex. (Aren't I generous!)

First Prize (1 winner)
$5 or a quart bag of Knex.

Second Prize (2 winners)
A digital Knex Patch

Largest Entry (1 winner)
A digital Knex Patch

All Other Entrants
A digital Pat on the Back

Please note that, due to parental restraints, the contest organizer may be unable to provide prizes, and reserves the right to change or get rid of any prize at any time. Prizes can only be shipped within the U.S and Canada, participants from other countries will receive alternatives instead.

Here is how the judging will work.
There will be two non-knexer judges (myself and one Pro person, who is willing to provide prize patches) and two knexer. All entries will be up for judging by the people, and any person who wishes (including judges) can post their three votes IN THE THREAD FOR THAT ROUND. Votes posted anywhere else will be ignored. The top fifteen in the first round will advance, then the top ten. The third round is the judgment round. The judges, and only the judges, will vote and discuss over PM or AIM or something until we pick the winners (but largest entry can be from any round). got that? Whew.
Judges (Non-Knexers)
  • Myself
  • Kiteman

Judges (Knexer)
  • Mepain
  • Needed!

Sign-ups will be until the 31st, so, 10 days.
25 or more people
  • DJ Radio
  • I_Am_Canadian

Each round will be two weeks or so, and there will be 3 rounds in all.

Round 1: Not announced
Round 2: Not Announced
Round 3 (finals!): Not Announced

Sign Up!


and i will be your second pro judge
i know alot about knex guns just look at all of my guns

 and i know alot about knex and building knex objects so if there is no guns still count me in as your pro judge


8 years ago

Finally an actual good contest. I say no gun rounds. And count me in.

I'm in. Looking forward to it! Oh and... Would you perhaps want to say no guns? I am thinking that there will be a lot of them...

I wasn't going to have guns, really- it was going to have rounds, and you had to build something for each.

if you dont have any gun rounds, count me out.

If enough people want them, I'll keep them- just whatever makes people happy. Ugh, maybe I should just shut this down for a month or two while I work out teh details. I thought I had it down well.

Aww... Please, no gun rounds, we have enough of them already.

Personally, Guns are the only knex item that Im interested in. I suck at everything else.

hes putting the contest on indefinite hold...I think.

Yeah, I need to figure out a few things, and wait for TNKIT to blow over a bit. But I'll put you on the list.

I'll judge if you want

Hey. If I can't judge as a member of the knex community, I would love to enter. My only concern is that I live in New Zealand, so what are the prizes for other countries? A free pro membership?

Bump - sign up, people!

TNKIT has a lot of contestants... you might wanna wait until that is over.

This isn't even starting in over a week, maybe two if we don't get enough contestants. By then, TNKIT Round 1 will be almost over.

But a lot of people wont go through.

at the end of round 1, 20/25 people will go to round 2, unless less than 20 entered in.

There's fivesomething entries right now. Ugh, whatever, you're probably right. How long until TNKIT is over?

well, its elimination rounds. Assuming that only 10/25 people enter something, we will probably have 2 or 3 more rounds after round 1.

I like the motivation here - I will gladly supply patches to winners, and give a hand with the judging if the K'NEXers don't object.

I can't really judge the actual K'NEXing, but I can certainly express an opinion on the presentation, grammar etc.

I even have a suitable patch available!

Patch KNEX.png

Sure, if you don't mind judging, that would be great! All you would have to look at is spelling, grammar, and how the Instructables is put together (how well they explained everything).

Will you accept slideshows and video entries?

Would they still give instructions, or just describe the model? The idea was to create more, and better, Knex 'ibles, but I'll think about it.

Slideshows and videos are meant to demonstrate how the gun functions, not give instructions. but you should allow both, because it will take a while to make both a good knex creation and a good instructable to go with it.

Heh, I don't know. maybe if the winners were required to make an Instructable before they could get a prize? E.g. They would submit slide shows and videos, then the winners after the third round would create an instructable? Just throwing ideas around, I really don't know.

ok, dont ask for really large knex projects like ball machines or roller coasters, Some people may not have enough knex.

Ima sign up.

how the hell did you get Mepain to judge your contest?

kthx. I am probably not gonna advance on the other one.

A few suggestions+tips:

  • dont ask for something big on each round, some knexers may not have the parts for big ball machines or roller coasters (eg. me)
  • Allow slideshows and video entries.
  • you might wanna wait until viccie's contest is over.
  • remove the "largest entry" part. This goes back to my first tip.

One more thing, Most of the people like a knexer to host and judge a contest.

There will be a few, probably 2 (need to fix that), both judging and co-hosting the contest.

I feel that this is a great idea. But I really don't think you are going to get more then ten people to enter cause there is another big contest going on, and I doubt that you will get a pro judge. That is just what I feel. You will get some people that will enter both contests and use the same entry but most won't. I might sign up. Let me think about it.