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The Instructables Robot takes his helmet off!! Answered

I was just walking around minding my own business and was intently looking at funny videos of cattle on my cellular telephone and i accidentally walked down a dark alley, as i reached the end i saw the inctructables robot, i move forwards to say hi and i realize he has his helmet off, after the initial shock of having my childhood hero unmasked i quickly snap some photos so i can reveal the real so called "robot" to all the scepticals out there.


I knew that he was twins with Vader! Look at the similarities!


Maybe on his instructables email?

I would have thought he would look more like....


Maybe the anit-Instructables Robot

Well, I would have thought his innards would be protected and also maybe more circuitry involved too :-)

Ya I was thinking the samething he could be a cyborg though.

that's the problem, my picture is of a cyborg skull

Hmm he could have a human head but with chips inserted into the brain but on a side note good cyborg picture.

Well, I think I could be wrong that this is just the inner helmet

It can be either way if we are talking fictional cyborgs than they could have that as there skull or other parts add to example would be the borg for star trek. If we are talking a today cyborg that is still a developing idea that is that a chip is inserted into the brain for control of robotic functions.

LMAO, way to bow out. Te he he! ;-)

I'm kinda glad he doesn't look like that -it's a bit scary!

well, that would only be underneath, you see :-)

Well that's good, as long as he keeps his helmet on!

That's so awesome, that's like awesome.... TO THE FACE!

Woaw! He... He.. Looks very... Umm, odd.

Ah, that explains why his helmet (I thought it was his head...) is sitting up on a shelf at I'bles HQ.


This reminds me of V for Vendetta a bit...

I've seen him IRL too. He looks thinner in person. Do you concur?

do i really look like that, whoa i need to rethink my clothing choices.

Teal'c one of the best SG-1 charcters next to O'neal.

lol indeed but i actually got that particular line from a movie my (ex)girlfriend dragged me along to. As for indeed? that's just like the second best word ever.

I think its a robot wanna be. in a costume.

How did you know!!!.... i mean, what is this madman rambling about?


9 years ago

Oh man he looks so different.