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The Instructables editor appears to have a number of serious bugs Answered

I encountered the following unfortunate bugs when using Google Chrome to publish my latest instructable.

The floating panels and sidebars

  1. The right-hand sidebar masks what you have written when previewing your text.
  2. Even when the sidebar is minimized it still masks the bottom line of text. The side-bar should be anchored to the top of the screen ...
  3. Try saving your work then click "You" to exit your draft. The list of options appears beneath the horizontal top-panel making it impossible exit your draft. I got here by closing then reopening the browser :(


  1. The editor for creating this topic allows you to highlight your text and see the highlighting immediately.
  2. When writing an Instructable the instructable editor doesn't immediately show the highlighting. You only see the highlighting in the Preview mode.


Thank you for the report! We'll have the site engineers take a look.

I'm piggybacking here as I can't seem to submit a question regarding a corrupted instructable using the Topic Editor. Is this a known problem?