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The Internet is a Big Thing. Answered




So I was bored. So bored, in fact, that I decided to Google myself. I clicked the text box of my Google search bar and typed in Labot2001. Just to see what comes up, what web sites I've forgotten about, who spies on me, etc. It wasn't until I Googled myself that I realized how big the Internet actually was.

For example, my mousetrap car showed up on MAKE. And about 50 million other places. Same with a handful of my other ibles. It's weird to think that the Internet just loops around, through, and under itself a million times. Sometimes without even realizing it.

So try it. Google yourself. Share what you find.


Wowie... I'm plastered all over Daily DIY and geek sites with my pimple ible.... what a thing to be remembered for... My real name turns up the usual crap, nothing special :(, but all of my major exploits don't have my name attached...

Same here, All of my firefox and other instructibles ended up on daily diy or other geek sites. I think mostly all instructibles are on Daily DIY

LOL, I have just been reminded that I refer to the internet as my internet when I'm talking at home.

Problem is, You cant activate it on iTunes. Nooo

Hey, how come your big letters are bigger than my big letters?

Call it what you, it's main, all mine I tell you!

Hugs monitor to chest, looks furtively around.

Yes, mainly mine. I let other people use parts of it. 0ccasionally.

I let other people use parts of it.

Though your rent is outrageous.

We pauper teachers have to make a living somehow...

pauper teachers

You know that in Russia, being a teacher is like being a doctor in the US? It's teachers who get high pay up there. Makes sense, too, if you think about it.

True, but all there is to do after school is drink vodka .

Looks for passport.

That would be truly awful, sir!

*Also looks for passport... and fake ID...*

I found several instructables I have done and.... I once had an account at blogstar ????

If I google my real name, I'm a fraudulent, dead insurance tycoon who sacked all his staff via text.

When he died, a pupil was idly googling to see what staff he could find on the internet. He didn't read past the first line, but went straight onto msn to all his friends. Boy, they surprised when I walked into school the next morning...

If I google for Kiteman, I generally get the other one.

Yeah, apparently you died in a car crash?

Can read Kiteman's mind, so there's no need...

ROFLOL! Were they in deep mourning, or party mode? :D How, exactly, did they react when they saw you?

Lots of whispers, and one kid actually said; But you're dead, sir!

They're 9-13. I didn't say anything, because I'd missed the news. (I find an enigmatic smile goes a long way in these situations.)

you're David Swindlan? Whazzup!!



You know, that name actually gets no hits on Google?

(I wonder if anybody has a real name that is a googlewack?)

I certainly hope there are no hits. I'd hate to think someone else had as strange a creative streak for names as I do...

My real name comes up with a newspaper article. Then there's a bunch of junk about people I don't even know.

Yes, there are several Kitemans (Kitemen?) running around the net.

Yeah; there's a whole new science to picking product names that get uniquely hit when someone does an internet search. My real name is awful. My original self-selected username of 20+ years is worse, *and* I didn't get it on most of the free eMail/etc sites ("BillW" is somebody famous that isn't me. He even had bumper stickers...) "westfw" (which was a school-assigned username in college) does surprisingly well...


10 years ago

Googling PKM turns up some stock prices, a lot of stuff about Personal Knowledge Management, a machine gun and my Instructables profile page.

Googling my real name turns up a more famous namesake (a grandfather who was an author) and a few bits and pieces left around from when I was a webmaster of a university martial arts club.

I was kind of put off googling my own name after dating a girl who was quite fond of it because it turned up a bunch of newspaper articles about how she got the best exam results in the entire world.


Umm, can I have her number?