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The Iphone 3gs uses upto 1 amp while charging , what if i use my 2.2 amp battery? Answered

if i connect it to a spare 2.2 amp battery i have will it use as much amps as it can ( 1.0 or 2.2?) or will it just charge for 2.2 hours at 1 amp per hour?


2.2 hours at an amp probably

Seconded - given that usb only puts out 500mA then having a pin compatible charger run at 1 amp is strange at best...

The internal charger of the ipod is what limits the current - you could hook it up to a welding machine at 5 volts, a bajillion amps, and the ipod would still only take one.

...if you get the gas-protected version and pick up a bottle of Argon you can have iMig.

When it does end up failing - it fails spectacularly.

so i can hook up my iphone 3gs to the extra battery and it would still use about 1 amp a charge, it wouldnt be draining 2.2 amps?

Correct - Batteries are rated in Volts and Amp-Hours.  (pressure and capacity).

I would recommend running your battery through some sort of voltage regulator to make sure the voltage is as close as 5 volts as possible (since it changes as the battery gets weaker).  The easiest method is using a 7805 regulator, but its not as efficient as excess voltage gets burned off and you need about 6.5v minimum to make a stable 5 volts.

Again, amps is current, and the iphone will only take what it can use.