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The Kinetic Rifle V.1 Answered

Here it is: the bullpup, tube mag, bolt-action, pump-action, sling semi-repeater.  This is by far my most favorite gun I have ever built.  

The reason I call it a "semi-repeater" is because while it has a magazine, loading it involves a two-step process of pulling back the rubber band and then pulling the pump.  Therefore you don't have to load each individual bullet into the barrel by hand, the pump does that for you, but the band still has to be pulled back manually.  The gun was originally intended to have the pump bull back the band as well, but to do so the pullback distance would have to be greater, requiring a larger barrel to house a longer pullback, requiring pieces I just don't have.  When I get the pieces I am going to make the pump pull the band back, and I will post that as the V.2.

What I love about this gun is that it takes many concepts and combines them to work in sync with one another.  I also like the fact that there is almost no limit to how powerful you can make this gun, since the ratchet can hold an incredible amount of tension. 

Overall it is an incredible gun, averaging ~60ft with the 1 band used in the video.  Though it isn't the most reasonable choice for a war (it only holds 4 shots in the mag and is huge), it is well on its way to becoming the most efficient knex repeater out there.


iMovie wrecks.


When is this going te become a true repeater?

Whoops! I'm soooo sorry, I made that comment before I knew he posted it. But I'm happy he posted it. This is gonna be so EPIC!!! I deleted that comment by the way.

you gong to post?

You probably get this a lot, but do you have an estimation to when it'll be done?

I will try my best to have it up this Sunday. You have my word.

Here's an idea if you want to improve the concept. Make a gun three layered on the bottom (though with a 5 layer top for strength) and have a 5 layer pump that goes around the magazine to pull the bands back. Then have a normal vertical magazine. Use a sliding block device over the magazine so bullets don't load until you cock the gun which would push the device back and let the bullet load.
Then you could have a true pump action gun with a far higher capacity magazine. While I recall seeing one, it had a vertical magazine and overall the design just didn't appeal to me.
And actually, if you want, keep the horizontal magazine but extend it into the front of the gun instead of the back. Then you could extend it as need be and hide it inside where the pump goes around for style. And then you could also make an elevator device for the magazine if you wanted, though a sliding blocker would probably easier.

I have had somewhat of the same idea before, but my main focus right now is perfecting the utilization of the H-mag, and the only way to use that in this design would be to put it in the stock, since a pump wouldn't be able to slide around it. This is kind of the problem I ran into with my first shotgun design, the one that was going to use your ram design.

Well that's why I'm saying to make a three layered gun with a 5 layered pump going around it. A front horizontal magazine would be far better than a back horizontal magazine. It would be easier to load as well if you can get it to load under where it would be put into the barrel.

I honestly don't know how to make a 3 layered horizontal mag without a pusher sticking out the back.

Or if you want to, you could put a horizontal magazine above the barrel and then the pump should be easier to make. Make it Halo shotgun styled. You'd earn more style points if you try to replicate one of the Halo shotguns than if you tried making the more conventional underslung tube magazine.
Actually, one more thing. This is something I wanted to try. Because you could make the magazine five layers then, maybe make it load three rounds at a time? Then you'd have a true shotgun with decent range. But that's your choice.

Then have a pusher sticking out the front. That's not a big deal. You want it to load the rounds back by the handle so that the slingshot has increased drawback, yeh?

Actually, though, I was thinking of this: a pistol with a three layered body and a 5 layer slide that is also a horizontal mag. Unlike other horizontal mags, the body of the gun will serve as the floor of the mag and the front end of the mag is at a downward slant. In the back of the gun, part of the floor of the mag, will be a sliding block that will be externally pushed back by the pulling of the slide, at which point the ammo will be above the block and the slant in the mag will allow one bullet in the chamber. When the slide is released the block will be allowed to push the shot forward into a slanted bullet lock and into a 3 layered firing chamber where the rubber band will feed through.

Sorry if it sounds a little weird, I got the idea this morning after reading your idea and wrote it down quickly on my ipod so I wouldn't forget the overall look.

This is so awesome! Any ideas on what your next innovative gun might be after you post this one? You're not going to quit k'nex are you? Pleaaassssssseeee don't because you're too awesome to quit!!! And I'm not just saying that,I really mean it.... I'm being SERIOUS here. :)

Thanks! And no, I don't plan on leaving, although I do come and go sometimes. My next project is going to be a semi automatic dual shot pistol, which I will post designs for sometime soon.

are you gonna post this or not!?!

It's beautiful!

Thanks! I can't wait to see your christmas project!

Right now I think this is about as useful as my Warbow in a K'nex war, and for about the same reasons. Terrifying and could seriously bruise someone with a melee, but takes a while to reload and uses an abusive amount of pieces. Though the Warbow can shoot anything that uses a rail...

Exactly...however theres not a crossbow out there with as cool a mechanism as this, and soon enough this will be a true repeater.

I tried to turn IAC's Heavy Crossbow into a full-auto gun... Failed miserably, but only because I couldn't find a good way to space the bands enough to allow the next shot to be chambered. Put a dent in my previously indestructible-to-k'nex door, though.


7 years ago

its just a master piece! 5* i will make it soon enough. =D

Thanks! I just wish I had more pieces.

That is boss. I love the pump idea, but sadly I am out of pieces ;'(
keep up the awesomeness!!

Congrats! Haha this gun really use about 1000+ pieces :(

When I build it, it's going to get a decent pump.

That's awesome. keep up the good work. Also I'll be able to build because I have loads of yellow connectors arriving in the mail. look forward to you posting it.

P.S. 5*s

whoa! awesome!!!!!!!!!

Nice work you did there!