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The K'nex M4 Carbine Answered

here the pics are

yes the mag does clip in and it doesnt fall out =)

On the picture where i have taken it apart i have left it 3D from the handle back, im sure u can figure it out.



9 years ago

Nice, I think more guns need to be made to have detachable mags, alot cooler ;) Im guessing it shoots green rods? Also, Can anyone tell me why my instructables and forum topics dont appear on the website? I just posted a PPSH at this link but I cant find it on the site anywhere unless I type the link directly into my browser? I posted a help topic but it didnt appear on the site so nobody saw it... Can anyone help me plz?

It doesnt shoot, its a model. read the post!

i thought the mag was supposed to fall out

Then how do the rounds get from the mag to the chamber? Fly from where the mag has landed on the ground up into the gun?

Agreed with Mepain. Don't try sarcasm on the internet, people just think you meant what you said and you're stupid.

oh okay then, but i still want to see the rounds fly from the magazine on the ground into the chamber, if anyone could do that it would be awesome, all you would have to do is lay a lot of rounds down somewhere and not need to worry about them.


10 years ago

I originally said that Bakenbitz's gun was better but this is for different reasons. Looks just as good, is simpler , and although its a bit smaller its in a VERY good way. POST IT PROPERLY PLEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEASE!


10 years ago

can i post my true trigger for this gun? i think its better than the other one thats been done

that gun is awesome it looks alot like the actual gun.

Why!!! Why do we have those who don't look at the dates of the last post and then revive a very old topic! Anyways I'm making a better version today. I'm half way done with it I just need the bucket I'm buying from my friend today and I should have enough pieces to finish it.

Yeah sorry for blowing up on you I'm just getting mad at the whole idea. I wish certain topics could get locked after a whole lot of inactivity. Well yeah I didn't get my knex bucket yet but hopefully tomarrow then you can check out my version.

wow im truly impressed and this totally TOTALLY looks like a m4 great job and reely its the only gun that when it says, it looks like knex(gun's name here). sorry if u dont understand what im saying but reely great gun lol.

check it out.

it is posted!! just look for it.btw i didnt design it.

post your mods he means (i think)

hi. i made this non working gun, into a working gun. ill post more in a fourum. it will be up tonight or tommorow.

he posted it but dont make in when I cocked it i pulled the trigger and when i did the ram hit my eye

i was so made i took a hammer to the gun BTW not good idea

im not gona make the interior... every one wants to make it... ill still make my design but i wont post it, when every one will see the vid they will all start crying...it should shoot more than 15 bullets per second...

ok... u better show me tho after i went to all this trouble for u!!

ill show you the vid.... no pics cause i dont want everyone to build it after all of this... you will have the grenade launcher be happy...

selfish fucker!! im not making a grenade launcher fool! thats the last time ill ever help anyone!

i wasn't angry and i wasn't trying to annoy you... okay ill show you and ONLY you how to build it...

i just meant that the grenade launcher was cool enough so be happy with it... thats all... I'm sorry if i made you angry...

ok... uve persuaded me to forgive u.

im sorry, i dont wanna annoy you more but, what "persuaded" means?

means youve convinced me

okay... I'm happy your not upset... i don't enjoy making people mad... i have a brake through, I'm using gear ration and maybe a small maxima engine (those that use only 2 batteries) might be powerful enough... if not im gona buy one of those stronger engines, the ones that are not running on batteries...

Well now everyone else is upset too... Gee, thanks.

why every one's upset? i agreed to post it...

You said you'd only show danny...

oh then i forgot to tell everyone... i AM gona post it...
by the way when are you going to post the inferno? (yes, i like it too =D)

just want to ask: have you actualy got a mecanisum to shoot 15 bullets per second? if so then WOW

well theoretically, it can do it... but i havent tested it so dont expect it to be that good... and maybe it will even be faster... i cant know for sure i fifnished making it so that the bullets in the magazine will actually go inside the barrel in the gun, and all i have to do is attach my mechanism and test it, and then perfect it...

umm don't be so happy... i already encountered some problems... 1. the system probably cant be used with a bottom feed. 2. to make it work i must change the way the gun looks, and the way i see it it will look ugly.... 3. the motor i have is too weak. so the first problem cant be resolved because a bottom feed requires an ammo pusher,but a high speed firing pin will jam because of the pressure... the second problem is the worst in my opinion, and i might be able to conserve most of the design but it would still be ugly compared to danny's masterpiece... the third problem is resolvable: the gun will have a hand crank instead of the motor, allowing it to shoot far more than expected, depends how strong you are. (but it will make it ugly, and it will lose its "automatic" effect, unless i get those motors that cost 25$, the only problem is i cant seem to find where to get them... i would be happy to hear recommendations about my problems, and if they cant be resolved ill have to use my own frame, custom frame thats perfect for the mechanism but will look like a big box with a barrel...(yuck)

hope it will be still compatible with my accesoiries :)