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The Knex PPSH Answered

Hello there everyone,

first of all I'd like to take this time to introduce myself. Sup, names Bob, I live in the UK and Building Knex is something I have recently got into.

This is a topic to provide a link to my very first model, A PPSH Submachine Gun!

Here is the slideshow:


If you could comment and rate, it would much be appreciated. I have worked hard on this and have only used one part from somebody else, (The trigger) and even that has been modded to fit my design.

No instructable as of yet, but I want people to take an interest in it before I spend my time making the instructable.



Try building a straight mag, then building a fake round drum around it. Also, the handle is a bit big.

Scratch that, just noticed you did :)

ha ha yeah kinda did ;) And the handle cant be any smaller or the trigger wont work.

the handle is supposed to be attached to the stock mag should a bit thinner :)

I tried putting the stock on the handle but it was far to flimsy and low down. By attaching above the handle the entire weight of the stock AND handle is not being held up by just the handle. As it stands the handle and stock can support themselves and it almost looks the same ;) And thats as small as I can make the mag because of available joints... Thanks for the comment.

well heres my honnest oppinion. it looks like a good gun, but the stock looks a little flimsy, and the handle seems really big. i would work on it a little more befor posting.

Actually the stock is quite strong. Its secured in 4 different places and is the least of my worries. I think im going to redesign the mag to fire rods instead of the grey connectors which are prone to jamming unfortunatley :( The handle may seem a tad big, but its perfect for me... So I dont know really. I guess I could consider altering it...


9 years ago

Guys comments and ratings would be very much appreciated.