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The LITTLE people Answered

Could we, maybe, get a way to "exclude" ibles that use items that a "normal" human has no access to. Maybe have the author have to check a box to denote an ' exotic' tool (aka Laser engraver, CNC, 3D printer... etc) so we {the little people} might exclude these ibles from our view. It really makes us.... well.... jealous-upset-envious that we cannot do these wonderful things. Thanks for your attention.


Most "exotic" projects can be recreated with "normal" tools and a bit of patience.

Surely, excluding them from your view would deny you the potential inspiration for your own works, and reduce your enjoyment of the Maker community?

All due respect, that argument has the same logical form as "surely excluding members of [gender to which you are not attracted] from your intimate relationships would deny you the potential for fun/fulfillment and reduce your enjoyment of people?" :P Guess what I'm saying is if it's a feature people want...why not? It wouldn't be very hard to implement the filter to do this (maybe just with better keyword usage).

If you're going to use those terms, then I would say; "surely refusing to exchange casual pleasantries with passing members of [gender to which you are not attracted] would deny you the potential for making new friends?"

We aren't talking full-on relationships, just passing glances in the street.

I get plenty of inspiration from things I can't replicate, or aren't in my area of expertise.

There's plenty of makerspaces or people with workshops that are more than happy to share and trade skills. You'll learn something new and make a new friend!

To the OP: might seem a little silly, but you could repurpose addons like foxfilter or webfilter for your purposes. I imagine adding custom keywords like the ones you suggest would filter out those instructables fairly well, and you might even be able to make the filter domain-specific (ie ONLY apply to Instructables, so that you don't have other sites filtered inadvertently). (Disclaimer: they might also block content you want to see...so adjust as you will :P )