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The Last Goodbye :(.... Answered

Hey guys most of you will not remeber me etc but i have used and built with knex for many years and i have sadly grown apart as to this i am selling the rest of my knex i split it in half allong time ago from arounf 30kg down to just 15.7kg this is still quite allot and fits into a large plastic box. As you have probably guessed i am wanting to sell the rest as its not being used and will give someone else some fun theres roughly 8 sets in there + a couple of thousand spares which i have bought overtime such as yello connectors green rods and others. in total i would say estimating around 20-30 thousand parts maybe more the pices are all in good used condition and are waiting to be sent to a new home.

i will ship out of the uk at your i am open too offers you can pm me or leave a comment if you are intrested for a shipping quote send me a post code or zip code over pm and i willl get back to you....

i would ad a picture but a box is not very exciting if you require a picture then let me know...

many thanks

Knex Mad...



im unsure i was hoping that people would make me an offer as im unsure what its worth etc so just give me your offer and we can start from there...

Your building skills learned in K'nex are transferable to even better more creative building materials.....It'd be nice if you moved into one of those.

i agree with all of you but its a last goodbye to knex i am rather good with carpentry also i have a slight hobbie/money maker of xbox 360 custom controles cases etc. so i may make a return...

Have your name changed to Builder_Mad 0r Mad-Builder :-)

There you go....or if he lived in Texas but no longer does: Ex-Tex-Knex Mad

Just be careful you don't infer to the "trinity"... (or the literacy police may find you) :P

Nah, I have connections with the The Seven Elders however LOL

Unless you're dealing with someone who's literacy comes from....


Sesame Street...reminds me of a Billy Joel song with the line: "... Sesame Street, what does it mean? (I'll tell you what it means: PRESSURE !" :-)

Don't forget, leaving K'NEX does not mean you have to leave Instructables - just change the materials you Make with.

I agree with Kiteman... Being a "maker" should be an evolution. The creative need not say goodbye. :)