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The List Answered

What was "The List"? and what happened to it?


The original "list" was made by oodalumps who was tired of all the single shot block trigger guns on there, and he wanted to show new knexers how unoriginal their guns were. Originally single shot block triggers were all that was on there, but some other less-informed knexers put block trigger guns with mags on the list too. It grew enormous, Dsman195276 took screenshots of the original list, and he took about 4 or 5 different ones, and no screenshot had the same link twice.

As for what happened to it, it was outlawed by the admin in 2008 or 2009. Some of the heaviest supporters of the list are still around today if you want a more in-depth story. The list is older than I am, and this is basically all I know about it. If you can find any block triggers from summer 2007-summer 2008, you can probably find the list on one of them.

I get why u guys r mad at people who make block trigger guns but dont go atking one from the moment u see it cuz i made ONE block trigger gun (first instructable ) and got bombarded with bad comments,because of that incident I tried posting another knex instructable (not a gun) wich got bombarded with bad comments 2.
I never posted something new cuz of that.
So please think about newbies out there and dob-n't go huntin em away with tons of bad comments.

Thank you

The list of whuuuuuuttt?

It's older than you, or I for that matter.

Oh! Block trigger guns? It was pretty simple. Basically, some time ago we were constantly getting really simple tube and stick guns with block triggers that no one liked seeing how we were moving into more advanced designs and killerk's pistol already was pretty much the best single shot of the time. I don't exactly know what it was made but the list simply had the link to each simple block trigger gun to show how spammed ibles was with them. As we started getting next to zero block triggers it just kind of died.

We still get quite a few block triggers today. The reason the list died was because the admin killed it.

awww it sounds fun! I see plenty of block trigger guns daily on ibles.

I'm blown away when I do see one. I think it's because our guns are much more advanced now so noobs are starting off building better guns instead of starting with killerk pistols and such. They're pretty much skipping the block trigger phase.

The place where 99% of K'nex gun Instructables go to be thrown into the pit of pissed off chihuahuas and die.