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The Mad Science of Music Answered

Last week we teamed up with the Budweiser Project Twelve to take a look at Hellboy and his amazing visual creations. This time we're taking a look at someone in the audio realm: Eric Church from Moog.

You've probably never heard of Eric, but he is pushing the boundaries of the sounds a guitar can make with sensoriactuators. Don't worry about the big word there, what's important are the spacey and atmospheric effects that it helps to create, even with a regular acoustic guitar. It's a bit of mad science, truly.

So be sure to check out the photo series to see who the person is that would create such a thing. It's well worth it. Eric’s American Makers photo essay.



Moog as in mighty car mods moog?

Same family ... different generation ... look up Robert Moog ... pronounced the name, "MOWG".


No; Moog as in Moog music, a famous manufacturer of electronic musical instruments founded in 1953 by Robert Moog. (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Moog_Music) It is safe to assume that the Moog nickname of the Mighty Car Mods presenter was inspired by this company, because he makes electronic music and often wears shirts portraying the Moog synthesizer.

What Chawlie sez!

Ahhemm....sound please

'Don't worry about the big word'
May have misjudged your audience there.

While I was sure that some people on here would get it, it's likely that most would not. Even if you did, there's more to it than just that one word and the effect is more important.

Sorry, my comment was more along the assumption that most people who use this site do so because they like to learn about new things. I for one have no idea what a sensoriactuator is, but i now feel compelled to find out.

Indeed, I was compelled to find out immediately too!

Agreed. Had a pretty good idea of what the word meant when I read it.

Agreed. Had a pretty good idea of what the word meant when I read it.

Does he plan to put up an instructable?