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The Mad Scientists' Weekly Contests- Cardboard (expired) Answered

Have a really good Instructable about cardboard? Want to win a spot in "The Mad Scientists' Weekly Contests- Cardboard" Collection? You can submit your entry by commenting below and providing a link to your Instructable. The Mad Scientists will judge this contest and the winners will be announced shortly and will be included in the "The Mad Scientists' Weekly Contests- Cardboard" Collection. All submitted Instructables must be cardboard themed. Users are limited to one Instructable per contest. They can be both new Instructables and existing ones. Good luck!


Is there a way to find weekly contests without digging through the forums? Like an email link, or something?

This isn't an official contest, it's just a member gathering projects.

Can they be existing projects, or do they have to be new?

It's not so impressive as it looks - only about 1-in-20 of my projects are cardboard-based.

Sorry Kiteman, but users are limited to one instructable per contest. I can not accept any of your Instructables until you specify a certain one.

LOL, let's go with the first one, the Cardpunk Goggles.

(And people wonder why site contests only allow new projects...!)