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The Madylight 2.0 Answered

Hello everybody,

I have added a step 8 to my instructable: The Madylight 2.0

What the Madylight 2.0? It is YOUR Madylight !

Show your creativity on this support. Create your pattern in black and white according to the following dimensions: 1181px x 1181px in 150 dpi.

Contact me by private message and I will take care of the rest (ZIP file, simulation of the final result in 3D and credits)

What do you think of this idea?
Who is interested?

(There are already two new patterns available at your disposal!)


Hi, Excellent instructable, I will try with a pyramid instead of a cube with the Technogyptian pattern.

Is that the sexy erasmus girls font I see? It's a great font, much effort saving done there...

your work is out of this world. fantastic. i need some help with a revolving lamp, do you think it is possible to make it work with only light energy? please contact me ivonneastrid@hotmail.com