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The Man Who Unboiled The Egg... Answered

Hervé This, a French chemist, loves experimenting with food and the science of cooking. His mission in life is to reveal the science that lies behind the mystery of cooking. This has world-wide acclaim and his experiments just rock. He's unboiled an egg using sodium borohydride, and you can even try this at home using Vitamin C.

I particularly like this segment of the article:
"There is a quail's egg that has been standing in vinegar for three years. The acid has attacked its shell and made it translucent. By osmosis, it has swelled up to about four times its original size. Hervé says that it has the same consistency as a hard-boiled egg and could be eaten in a salad."

Intrigued? Read on...


What is the principle based on NATURING a DENATURED complex protein


10 years ago

Hmm. Asian food includes several varieties of preserved egg that reach a sort of hard-boiled consistency without actual cooking (I think.) The one I had at a luncheon once was sort of interesting, but not really interesting enough to seek out. (Philosophically, sorta like Jellyfish.)

Interesting.....I still like to cook the old fashioned way though, even if it takes more time. :-)

Although I DO hate to clean up later ;-)

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