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The Motorcycle Of The Future Answered

Hailed as the arrival of the motorcycle of the future the MotoCzysz E1PC electric motorcycle is burning up the track. With a 100 horsepower (continuous) and 250 pound-feet or torque, it's no slouch.

Check it out via Wired's Autopia


Motorcycle of the Future?? Not in my future, I can't afford to diagnose and fix my moped

"Invoice and GRN is differ - please advise?"


the name is lonnie not lemonie is there anyone out there that would like to buy electic motorcycle?

Ah, but it's only as good as the power supply...
(How about DIESEL?)


I've been waiting for that dang NATO JP-8 Kawasaki to come out for years. 650cc diesel thumper on an olive drab dirtbike? Want :)


Also, check out the closeup on the battery pack on the linked article- it looks like it was built by Weyland-Yutani!

http://thecrucible.org/about-us/our-eco-conscious-practices/die-moto It's green, it's diesel, it's a motorcycle, it's fast and it looks cool. I'll throw up another forum post... :)

Wheres the waiting list? I want one :D I wish it would say what they did about the transmission though...


I wonder which is louder - the tyre noise or his competitors grinding their teeth in envy?