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The NIC Answered

I am a proud owner of many modded and unmodded nerf guns, and would like to expand the nerf online community to Instructables. I see we already have some members that nerf such as Top Dog, Vaunpaun, CaptainSlug, Biggunner, and many others. I would like to see much more Instructables of modifications and such. Thanks, nerfer192 p.s. if clare if you say anything I will personally get Eric to delete your butt.


hi, i am into nerf too. i don't have very many guns right now. i still need to get a nitefinder. all i have right now is: 1 maverick modded 1 target tech modded(i need to make a new barrel for it still) 1 long shot unmodded. i don't want to break my 30$ toy on some mod. i also have 20$ to spend on some nerf guns. i was thinking about getting a magstrike as it looks really cool. but i also need to get a nitefinder. what do you suggest?

hi nerfer i am biggunners friend so can i be your friend.

yeah i guess so are you his freind from school or sumthin?

no, you are just biggunner with a different name

no i am not you jerk i am friends whith bigguner just like you and sniper99.

nerfer i am not hunter20 he is my friend ok.