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The New Doctor is... Answered

During the broadcast of Doctor Who Confidential, BBC1, 17:35 UK time, the identity of the next Doctor will be revealed!

All that can be said with any confidence is that the next Doctor will be male, since David Tennant referred to the next actor as "a lucky chap".



Previously seen in "Ruby in the Smoke"


OH! I'll never watch Doctor Who again. Not new episodes anyway. BLECH!

Ugh. He is sooo ugly. They better work some serious makeup magic-I can't stare at that for an hour.

I don't think he's so bad, honestly. You're probably still mourning Tennant hardcore. I'm trying to let go and realize that while he is the most attractive man in the 'verse, he is not my Doctor anymore. :P

Pleased to meet you, eLinda ;-)

You didn't think I was going to take the easy answer, did you?

Let's see. The next stage, as I am well aware, is anger. Yeah, then comes bargaining, depression...NEVER acceptance though...

But you must! The audience loves you! The show, the cast, the orchestra, they all need you! You must go on, so the Show Can Go On!

I know, but I'm trying to ease myself out of this with as little sobbing as possible. ;) It's going to be 9 all over again, though. I was weird about Tennant for half of the second season. :P

Yeah I thought he was a bit weird for a couple of episodes. I missed Christopher Eccleston for a while.

Me too. But then I realized he's in Gone in 60 Seconds, and he has hair and he's gorgeous! So I can visit him and Nicolas Cage and feel better about it. :D

Aye! I saw that on tv and I was like "What duece!?!? He's got hair!"

I'm really desparately trying to avoid saying he's attractive. Really.

he is not attractive. I'm not trying to be mean to the new Doctor.

Ohh sorry for the miss conception. Well if it is tennant he is ok.

See him in [http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Casanova_(2005_TV_serial) Cassanova], I was a fan even before I'd ever heard of Doctor Who....

That was my thought - but i am going to wait and see how he is in the role before i cast my stones forth.

Well lets not beat on the new guy it really just depends on the acting.

This Matt Smith person looks a bit undernourished to me!

I did like Mr. Tennant (although he's a bit undernourished too!) However, bring back Tom Baker and his hat and long knitted scarf!

David Morrissey would of made a good doctor

Never heard of the show....

I just saw this! I'm actually quite relieved. I was fairly certain it was going to be David Morrissey, as his name had been tossed about a lot. My friends and I have been trying to convince ourselves that he's not half bad for the past few months. :P But this... this is promising. I remember him from the episode of Secret Diary of a Call Girl. I haven't seen anything else he's been in, though!

David Morrissey was a strong favourite until (spoiler for non UK viewers)...

He starred as a Victorian who suffered a breakdown when fighting the Cybermen and thought he was the Doctor.

Thank God he's not the Doctor. >__<

I remember all the doctors! Shows how old I am... My favourites are Jon Pertwee and Tom Baker!


9 years ago

Sigh, I liked David Tennant. When will the change happen, we must be behind a season in Canada.

The next series is in 2010. Before then, David Tennant is doing four "Specials".

At least will have the tenth doctor for awhile longer.