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The New Instructables Front Page Format Answered

I am having trouble with the new design of the front page format of Instructables.

Being a Mac and Safari user, it is very disruptive for my top bar google search to jump down into the Instructables (which is set as my home page) search bar.
As you can see in the photo, a simple search on Japanese pygmy flying squirrels, turns into burning fits of intense rage (or something like that, haha)

I understand why this would be useful for some people, especially people who are visiting the site for the first time.
The new design is very smooth and clean and, in my opinion, really nice... except this "search" feature is incredibly bothersome.

I know the easy fix would be to just change my home page, but I really don't want to.

Is anyone else having the same dilemma? Any ideas?


i think it is horrible, its the end of instructables, i cant see any reason that i will pay for a pro fee anymore.
The whole front page is no substance all adds.A huge picture of a led on a board. WOW!

The change isn't brilliant, I grant you, but how, exactly, is it "the end of instructables"?

It is awful, but I wouldn't say it is the end of Instructables.
I just feel that the website is much less user-friendly than it was before.. isn't Instructables partly supposed to be about making things better

IMO, it's only the front page that's gotten worse, the rest is just different (although the drop down menus now work on touch screen!).

I agree, the rest of the site is relatively unchanged. But why, oh why, did they butcher the homepage like they did?