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The New Knex Innovationists Tournament - T.N.K.I.T (Round 3) Answered

Thanks to I_Am_Canadian for the contest round idea.
You have to build something practical!
Like a grabber for your gramps, or a K'nex keyboard maybe?
Or a soda delivery cart?
Something you would use everyday.
Last day for entry acceptance is 30 Nov. 2009.


Ratings will be judged upon these categories:

- Practicality
300/900 points.
How good is it to use in your everyday life?
Do you / would you use it often?

- Sturdyness
300/900 points.
This speaks for itself, if you use it often, it has to be sturdy.

- Extras
300/900 points.
By the normal use of your entry, can it do something else too?
You start with 100 points on this.
Every added function is worth 50 points.


- Viccie.B1993

- I_Am_Canadian

- Oblivitus


- Killer~SafeCracker
ENTRY: https://www.instructables.com/id/How-to-make-a-Knex-solar-alarm-clock-with-built-i/

- Knex Mad
ENTRY: https://www.instructables.com/id/knex-Grabber-TNKIT-Round-3-Entry/

- Silentassasin21

- AJLeece

- Millawi Legend

- DJ Radio
ENTRY: https://www.instructables.com/community/Knex-video-camera-holder-TNKIT-entry/

- Owen-Mon-82397
ENTRY: https://www.instructables.com/community/Knex-fan/

- K'nexguy

- CJ81499
ENTRY: https://www.instructables.com/id/tnkit-round-3-cj81499s-entry/


This is the quarter final.
Three people will be eliminated.

Good luck, my fellow K'nexers!


I'm waiting for Oblivitus and I_Am_Canadian for their grade lists of the entries.
Oblivitus is wide awake, but i think I_A_C forgot so i sent him a message.
In the meantime, go do something else than stare at a screen.


Yes he sent it, no it wasn't judged correctly.
At the extras category he just put up numbers, though there is a rule on that category, 50 p. per extra.
So sorry but you have to wait a bit more.
I could put up my score list if everyone would like that.
And Oblivitus only sent me one score list, about your solar clock.

where are rusults?

Yay!!!!! My entry is up!!!
It's taken me over a month to do everything, but it's here!!!
Be sure to check it out!!
Here you go.
Sorry about the crazy number of steps. 31 in all.



By the way, I hardly put any effort in this. =P

I drop out now me no like this round

I'm thinkin of quiting knex all together nothing new or cool is coming out and  im no good at knex really at all.

Not sure yet. But i will sell it for a fixed amount on ebay determined later still i have not decided

but wouldnt it be better to give it to a knexer and to see the look on there face when they realize they have one of the best ibles knexers knex?

Yeah thats what i would do. That way i would leave the rubber bands mixed in with the knex and i wouldnt have to take out the broken pieces.

Sell it not give it.... Remember i may or may not decide to go through with this. And i live in California ill disclose the city when or if i decide to sell

3-4 thousand a fairly good amount that i would rather sell to DJ Radio

So you'll sell on ebay?  I COULD convince my mom that 80 dollars for 3,000 parts is a steal seeing how the Sawblade Thirll Ride had 2000 parts and some of that was mini knex.

Maybe seeing as i want 90$s for them i could sell still have to get permsion from parents

theres another wierd suit case box thing too filled with micro and some regular knex

why just dj radio?why not anyone else how about you make a thread and sell it to the highest bidder?

You guys stop fighting over it ok! Remember im still NOT sure but i will most likely sell them.

Ya stop guys. Your trying to get one of the best knexers on the site to quite so you can get knex. Thats just down right sad.


He chose to sell his knex.  I had no part in influencing his decision.  

He can split it up, give it to the person who has less knex, or give it to the person who is more "worthy" of it.