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The New Pollution Answered

A green revolution is supposed to lead us to a utopia where the birds chirp and the human stain is smaller on the planet, but sometimes the new looks a little too much like the old.

Take this story about biofuel plants dumping glycerin into rivers. Sure, it can be broken down by organisms, but it still causes big problems when dumped into ecosystems, just like the black stuff.

"They're really considered nontoxic, as you would expect," said Bruce P. Hollebone, a researcher with Environment Canada in Ottawa and one of the world's leading experts on the environmental impact of vegetable oil and glycerin spills.

"You can eat the stuff, after all," Mr. Hollebone said. "But as with most organic materials, oil and glycerin deplete the oxygen content of water very quickly, and that will suffocate fish and other organisms. And for birds, a vegetable oil spill is just as deadly as a crude oil spill."

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Exactly, It's like spilling fertiliser, which is far more destructive in some cases, it causes algal blooms and the like and suddenly all the water in the world is one big stagnant pond...

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it was funny I just thought it was obscured slightly for some reason, something about the sentence construction pushes the punchline away from the reader... I think it's settlement...

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Settlement was part of the pun intended ;-) but that part IS more obscure LOL

I know but it took away__________________In fact no they took away from eachother, I'm not one for chain punning that's all, most people would find that funnier than I did...

Hmm, chain punning.....I like to refer to them as "running puns" LOL Like a running joke, where each one plays off the last one and goes in another direction...but then my thinking is rather Ricochet Rabbit like ;-)

See now to me ricochet rabbit makes me think of a cartoon sex toy, or some kind of gigolo that operates on a ten second basis... Chain punning and Quick fire jokes...

I saw a lot of R.R. on the HannaBarbara cartoons Sat morning while I was a wee stripe. I am not sure what your earlier reference was to....and I can't even attempt to look it up while I am at work :-) The powers that be, would not appreciate it.

It's not a pre-existing thing, just what came to mind when I read the words ricochet rabbit, then again i have some issues revolving around everything, putting word together in front of me can be difficult at the best of times, can you find anything funny about balloon pilot? I thought of fifty four and a half things, my borther and I watch switched and make fun of it at 5am, we suspect a gas leak is the most reasonable answer to why we do this...

Do you mean, other then the utter ridiculousness of the combination of the words balloon (aimlessly floating thing) and the word pilot (the one that steers a flying thing)? :-)

My problem is that I normally can't "stand still" mentally too long, so once I have either balloon or pilot, I tend to run with the ball and the original subject gets lost in the fray (which is why Ricochet Rabbit, the cartoon, fits so well, *pingggggggggg* lol). BTW: I did look, once I got home and was kind of shocked to see what came up first from Google, on ricochet rabbit. *sigh* I am not lost in space, but caught in time warp.

Exactly, I actually drew a comic about it... I was that angered... So i'm not the only deviant on the internet, how shocking... By the way I worked out how to get 200kgs 100miles in 5 mins, sadly I havn't factored in friction, also I need to find a linear force that will work aross 100 miles... then what... I know the pains of mental standstills or lack of them more so, on the upside I've found I get about seven times the amount of thinking done in an amount of time than someone who thinks one thing, sperating the wheat from the chaff however...

By the way I worked out how to get 200kgs 100miles in 5 mins, sadly I havn't factored in friction, also I need to find a linear force that will work aross 100 miles... then what...

I would say the next step it so figure out how, without inertia dampeners, you will deal with g force effects on yourself :-)

I've found I get about seven times the amount of thinking done in an amount of time than someone who thinks one thing, sperating the wheat from the chaff however...

Yep, and if I "need" to concentrate on an idea *so as not to waste time in left or right field", it can be tough / distracting, too.

Though sometimes it helps come up with great additions and refinements to the idea in question, also you imagine most scenarios that the idea in question is likely to be in and then the rest, if I built a car it would probably have the usual ammenities and then an array of seemingly useless devices that will suddenly be great idea when the prescribed situation happens... I think the inertia damping will be done via a long pole so I am accelerated more slowly to the items speed and then it catches up and I end up in position, yes I wish to move between machines at 1200mph...

I have been obscure all my life....until just recently it appears :-)

is that you being cute? Ah well obscurities in life are much to be enjoyed, much like... that makes me happy

I just meant that I have been reading and loving my "in gathering" of information, but recently (about half a year ago) I started to feel a bit lost, and worthless since I didn't have a way to share this stuff with others, and now, I do :-)

Ah good stuff so you were lost in obscurity and came here to be obscure?

I came here to be of use, and found that I am less obscure :-)


10 years ago

There are any number of ideas that SEEM good, but have somewhat questionable merit when applied. A pet peeve is "biodegradable" products, shoveled into landfills that have been carefully designed to no allow the contents to bio-degrade (people wouldn't like the smell, you know.) Or consider those cornstarch based packing peanuts that dissolve in water. Nice if you're planning on littering, but most will probably end up inside a plastic bag, inside a landfill, and never even get damp. (likewise, when you throw away those inflatable pouches being used these days for packing, POP them first! We don't have enough landfill space to use it up storing air!)

Same goes for soft drink bottles, leave the lids off when you throw them in the trash.

That's why every land fill has bulldozers that flatten everything that goes into them-to compact it and remove as much air as possible. Even standard garbage trucks compact the waste during pickup-they get charged by the load and don't want to pay for unused volume.

recycle your soft-drink bottles!

If you stop and think about it glycerin is a useful building block for a bunch of things so why dump it into the ecosystem, and if you fell upto the task take, http://www.theglycerolchallenge.org/ (( whats the worst it can be broken down into ?? ethonal, and most people enjoy that, and it's actually not that hard to do ))

So how exactly are we supposed to have a green planet if everything we have tried produces harmful waste? Air?

One moral of the story is: Excess is bad, no matter what the excess is.

Mass production (lower costs) simply do not compute with "Green". DIY does.

yay diy. ironically, even though no detergent here contains algee helping chemicals (stopped that in the 70s) the governement here just banned them, in an effort to stop the algea.

The wheels of Big Brother turn slower then the hour hand of a clock sometimes, eh?

here, when they move at all, you could swear it was in reverse.

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There's a large river goes through our city and becomes part of the lough, back in the days of ole, there were loads of factories along it, even now they still pump oxygen in to the water to keep the fish from dying off... it's still green and smelly but not as much...


Ok Bossy, it is time for your morning pill :-)