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The New Update Answered

This forum topic is in the bugs section. I don't know... It's just my opinion...
I wasn't online yesterday, but today, I came back, and (we) had a wonderful surprise... I like changes. I just like them, when they're the other way around...

I've already written my thoughts here: https://www.instructables.com/community/Have-you-seen-the-update-to-your-profile-page/

I'm sure the staff has worked very hard on the new update, but why? What will Instructables earn from the new update? Why is it better than before? Am I confused and this is an April Fool's prank?
There are many members that don't know what the forums are, and don't have a way of expressing their feelings about the new bug. It would be great if this was explained in an email.

I know that Autodesk acquired Instructables a few years ago. The newsletter has changed and has become a bit more Autodesk-y. Does this has anything to do with that?

This update might be better for viewers, I don't know. However, if it isn't comfortable for us, content producers, Instructables will just have to re-use old Instructables, because we will leave... Please take into account what we have written. Thank you.

Maybe this is a Part oe for the update. I might be wrong. Thanks in advance for the replies?


In case you think that the update is better:

Screenshot (168).png

I can't explore properly right now (on my phone via motel WiFi), but it looks as though they've done what a lie of people have been requesting for quite a while.

Mobile works the same as desktop. There is no big difference to them except that even less content from the viewer is visible upon loading the page (only about 1.5 instructables versus 5).

I am not sure as to whether or not many people wished for changes like these--but if they did, they have only confirmed that they should not be trusted with such responsibilities. This was not a good development. Once again content has been deemphasized and made a sideshow. Makers have a harder time showing off their content and viewers have a hard time finding it.

There is nothing of any substantial value in this new design.

I've tried using my phone too, but even that doesn't work well... With the previous version, I was able to see the desktop version on mobile, which was really good.

Instead of wasting time and making a whole new layout for our member pages, wouldn't it make sense to ask us what we want to be upgraded? I requested the option for customizing the 6 Instructables that were shown on our overview. I don't see why they had to make a whole new layout for everything.

Look at how inefficient the new page is. Why does one fourth of my screen have to be ONLY my profile picture? Now, if I scroll down, only about a twentieth is relevant!

They've taken all of the bad things that are on Twitter, and added them to Instructables. When I see a creative Instructable, I click on the member's page, check out their other I'bles, and see if I want to follow them.

Now, I'll click on their member page, and see that member "blank" clicked "like" their Instructable 5 hours ago? Why should I even care?