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The Perfect Costumes for Pillaging Answered

This is me and my sister as pirates. We made pretty much everything from scratch, most parts are made from Simplicity and Vogue patterns. It was SO much fun. One of the photos is (obviously) hyper-edited, but the rest are untouched. I'm in pink, my sister is in black. A few costume tips: - Start early. This gives you time to shop around for cheap fabric and trims. Most of these fabrics came in at $2 a yard or less. - Have a teammate. Two people are more convincing than one somehow. - Think creatively about patterns. Look at costume patterns and normal clothes patterns for parts to use. Combine things from multiple patterns - we used 4 different patterns for this. - Too much is never enough. Layer, add decoration, add parts, whatever.


Cool ! |Um, I hate to sound picky, but in the shot where you have your swords crossed (as if fighting) neither one is in a position to "defend" the other sword or stop the strike. That is. They needed to be reversed so each person's sword is blocking the other, not pulling it towards one's self. Otherwise, a great job!

All I had to fight off was 5 year olds and drunks, so my swordfighting skills did okay ;-). More impressive than my lack of technical accuracy was the fact that I switched hands on the sword several times while taking pictures, but I didn't realize I did it until looking at the pictures later!

Ok, I just wasn't sure whether you realized it looks like you were protecting each other from hurting your own self. ;-) But nevertheless the costumes are really good.

well at least in all of these pictures you're right handed. oh and nice costumes.

Nice work! Although... I don't think you'll have any complaints on the pillaging! LoL If only all pirates looked like this, then the sea'woud be a merry place! ;P

Those are fantastic costumes! I really wanted to do something elaborate like that for this year. I'll just need to start super early for next year. ;)

Thanks! I've been admiring your pink hair the last few days ;-) It really took much more time than it should have to make those, but it was a lot of fun so it didn't matter!