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The Racker Rifle 2013 Answered

So I decided I didn't like my Racker Rifle that much anymore.  Mostly because it had one or two broken parts.  So I took TheDunkis's idea that he pitched to me on the original ible of using hinges for an even stronger trigger.  Turns out I could fit the new trigger mechanism in perfectly into the old gun body, so the gun from the outside looks almost unchanged.  The good thing though is that the trigger no longer uses a broken part and it is even stronger.

The other change is that it has a modified SwagBoss handle on it for the ramrod, but I've had that on their for a while.  Thanks to The Foofinator.

The internal picture is like 95% right, I tweaked one or two things after I took that picture before I put the whole thing together.


I see you put the swagBoss handle on it. It does make a great improvement.

I will, for the next month or so. I am off to University on the 27th, so I will use the free time I have to build something- probably not a gun though.

Cool, as long as you're around haha. Glad to see you back.

Liking the trigger concept. Also liking the weapon just as a more piece efficient TR alternative.

Thanks. I knew it could be done without broken parts. And the gun really is tiny, which I like a lot.

Yeah, I'm pleased about both. I mean, I'm fine using broken pieces if they're literally broken, naturally done so. I dislike purposely cut parts. You've semi inspired me, I might end up making a turret weapon again. I made a pistol once using a trigger that allowed it to be very short. I don't care for turret weapons as much, but it'll be different and easy for me to make considering I've been lacking new things for, mmmm, years?

Yes I definitely want to see something new from you, it's about time haha.

Thanks. I knew it could be done without broken parts. And the gun really is tiny, which I like a lot.

very nice trigger concept Ive wanted to build a trigger like this it's very cool to see it on a gun!

Now that's cool. Nice mods, and other than that, I don't know what to say. This thing is simply awesome.

I hope this isn't considered spam, and I'll delete it if it is, but I have a new Project Update out. It is a hodge podge of all the things that I've been doing lately.


Lol I just posted on that before I realized you posted here. I like the pistol so far. might actually try to build it haha.

Awesome, and thanks! I could give you internal pictures, but I must warn you: it gets 25 feet, as stated in the forum topic, but I failed to mention that it will occasionally misfire and be completely inaccurate. You could probably just rubber band the bottom rail upward *facepalm* I just solved that problem...

Carry on with what you were doing. :3

With a pistol that small I don't care about range. It's all about being small, and it's really cool that you fit in a repeating mechanism. The only better tiny pistol I can think of is Fred The Penguin's, I got around 40' with it, which was really cool.

Ok, just letting you know.

Thanks! I thought its tininess was pretty cool, too.