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The Recon is here! Answered

The new nerf recon cs6 has arrived! if you dont know about it, see the picture on my group. i have one as of a few days ago, but for those of you who want one, BUY QUICKLY BEFORE THEY RUN OUT!


I bought mine the first day they came out. was great. then i sold it.


8 years ago

i modded mine.i just put the aimer on the light.

i painted my mag black its really cool

I modded mine by cutting a crappy pair of binoculars in half and took the flip sight apart then attached them together to get a scope.

i just got one to day on christmas this is the best nerf gun i have and it works really well, i woulded mod it because if u skrew it up u are out a one relly awsome gun

u mean on the stock or the main gun part because there is 3 parts to the gun

oh yeah it dosent show it on that pic of the gun but there is and it sticks out like 2inches

ok that means its the new version they put that on for safety becuse people were getting cut on the orange thing underneath.

oh yeah i got mine brand new i bet u it is a newer gun but i dont know much about it anyways, mine shoots greet tho i got like 35 feet

that's a sick nerf gun, does it fire streamline darts?

yes it does, but it doesnt come with an extra clip, like the longshot, so you run out fast

i recently bought 3 extra mags offline and 40 streamlines. just stick the LS scope on the recon, stick some mags in ur pocket, and u have a bad@$$ gun.

do the longshot mags fit in the recon?

when you buy one look out for a bonus scope i had one like that

It does jam alot. My friend modded his recon and fixed the jamming. I'm afraid to mod mine in case I mess it up.

if anyone knows how to fix the jamming let me know im pretty desperate now

i got the one from the first truck load and it doesnt jam but once a week

yeah it does and the clip is the same as the longshot

I picked one up last night just holdin the thing is cool. I shot it around a bit and this thing rocks i like how you can change the gun. The distance is ok. I would actually like to repaint it. Easy to handle and very cool lookin if you're into modding i think this thing would be a great mod (i'm afraid to mess it up) overall cool gun.

ya, thats why i am not modding my long shot, it's not worth risking a 30$ thing on it when i have no use for a longer range.

i'm sure with a mod or two it would be great and one kick a$$ gun

I took out a safety part (not the air restrictor) and it flew 7 feet further (it used to shoot 17 feet) yay! I can't show you the part, but its a square with a hinge on top, has a square hole in the center, and is bigger than the other (if you take the wrong part out, it will not work at all.

dont mod it i did and screwed it up it was a great gun i even got a bonus scope so very good love it but i screwed it up now i dont have one

shoots like sht, i modded the barrel tho and removed the AR and it added about fifteen feet to its range. all in all, not a bad gun, if nothing else it looks cool after its spray painted.

its already out you silly goose

People actually get excited for nerf? Then again, it is fun to hit people with sticky darts.

yep. and you can modify them to shoot harder and further. and harder.

To cock it you pull the grey thing back and forward. When you cock it there is a barrel that sticks out that says "armed".

this part suks when its in pistol mode

I am truly sorry to hear that this POS is considered a good gun, I have one it really is not worth buying. Go find yourself an old supermaxx 5000, 2500, or a power clip, though in the fall we are going to get this hope fully its shoots well.


yes i agree its a POS and its ranges are crap.as for a gun with lots of power, singled at2ks with the pump plugged are awesome.and i saw a vid of that shooting and the darts sort of just plop out of the barrel

i just got it and it jams a fricking lot pretty good for nailing close up head shotn but dont use the flip up sight, its to far up from the barrel

you hold it at an angle so it lines up with the front of the gun , i geuss this compensates for the arc of the nerf bullet

you can adjust the sigth na line it up with the sight and the end of the barrel. Or lay it flat and look down the barrel, just turn the round thing to lock it in.

my doent jam alot but i agree the sight isnt very good might as well use the LS scope