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The Robot Goes to Asia Answered

Prolific Instructables member zieak has won four shirts so far from participating in contests. So when he went to Asia he brought one along and took some photos. The pics are pretty great. You can see a few here or go to his site to see the whole collection.

Thanks, Zieak! Now who else can show us the robot outside the U.S.?



9 years ago



9 years ago

The Instructables robot is at it again... this time in South America. I'm in Peru now and will be at Machu Picchu tomorrow. I'll be headed to Ecuador and if time allows into Columbia (but i'm beginning to think that's far too ambitious) Here's a teaser. This is at the Incan Pisac ruins.


Umm is it too late to redeem the code for the last shirt I won like six months ago, PS they're really comfortable shirts.

Thanks Fungus, I'm going to wait until the asphalt color is back in stock, me and light colors don't mix well.

Got my shirt yesterday (YAAA!)

I had the same experience as ToolUA, but just ordered the tan. I thought you guys wanted to get rid of tan shirts... ;-)

Guess what--I received asphalt anyway....


10 years ago

Does 'the robot' have a proper name?

(Should it?)

Well, even Robot B9 was given a "nick-name" of Rob-B (Robbie).

Yeah, most robot mascots have nicknames...but I'd hate something too cutesy. Mostly I wondered if the staff had one....Eric, Christy, Ed, Noah (I know I'm leaving someone out, sorry)--any comments?

I know what you mean, but I relate to Marvin (the depressed robot) more than any other :-)

Its funny... how much this robot adheres to the "uncanny valley", pre-valley, of course. (or post!?) He's almost "make-you-feel-good-inside" material... I wonder why we have so many suicide threads, just show them the robot and they will try to solve world hunger!

That does illustrate it nicely... I wonder if this is why watching primate videos often makes me feel...uncomfortable....?

I don't know, I am clinically depressed, but I no longer have such "tendencies" *shrug*

I like Marvin, too. It's been so long since I read the books, time I did again...

I never did read the book....but I did see the movie :-)

Agreed. Skip the movie. At least see the old mini-series.

Too late to skip the movie, already saw it :-) But I rarely go out to see movies anymore, so I don't pay an arm and a leg to see bad ones. Still, in the movie, Marvin is my favorite character, I can relate: "Oh ! Now I have a headache..."

I think "The Robot" works well ;-)

That works too!
(Phew, from the looks of my email, I thought I mispelled "we")

You just misspelled mispelled.

Congrats, you win for catching on!


But I think the real question here is, what did I win? ;-)

Lil' Miss Lord Ragoflago, of course!

Aha! My wishes have been granted!

I call it, InstructaBot..... but thats just me

InstructaBot...not bad. Better than what I was thinking (more python-esque.) I wonder if the staff has a name for him....(or her, for that matter.)

at least you didn't call him Instructablot LOL reminiscent of the Jetson's UniBlab.

You look so grumpy, zieak! :P My shirt will be going to Miami in May, but that's not nearly as fancy. Or I could go to Mammoth Cave!

That's what my girlfriend says about my poses for photos too. I'm sure it is the subconscious unhappiness with my teeth that comes to the surface. That and i really don't like posing for pictures - candids are much more fun.

but you're wearing an instructables shirt! you GOTTA be happy! shoot, i know i want one :-)

If i look unhappy it must be because i'm getting my favorite shirt soaking wet with sweat!

So how was the trip? I would love to go outside of the country sometime soon, but I don't have the money to do it. Let me rephrase that even, and say that I would love to go to more than 4 states in the country. But first, I need a shirt...

I totally recognize the first photo!! Christy and I visited the sacred monkey forest in 2001. (Ok, I cheated and confirmed the location on the blog.)

In the attached pictures, one of the sacred monkeys has stolen Christy's water bottle. More monkey pictures here.


I wonder how often they steal water bottles...

In this case, at least twice in the same day. All that monkey business makes a monkey thirsty.

Wow... and they obviously steal them enough to know what to do with them... and not try eating the cap... You should strap it to your neck or something ;-)

When I was there, a group of researchers were studying the monkeys and watching their behavior. They told me that in some other sacred monkey parks, the monkey are so aggressive that they will rip earrings out of your ears and then ransom the stolen goods for food. In this forest, if the monkeys steal something of value, they get pelted with rocks, so they don't learn that stealing is rewarded with food.

Those were some mighty aggressive monkeys. I took some fun shots of one that climbed up my girlfriend - but didn't get to see them drinking from bottles!