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Instructacon: The Robot Says Goodbye Answered

Saturday the 26th was the official end of Instructacon, Instructables first conference hosted by the Robot itself!

This year, we had a whopping two attendees: The elusive Jessyratfink, and the unpronounceable Zachninme.

There was free lunch, build sessions, BBQ's, novel sports, bike rides, random interviews, and plain (muffin) wholesome fun! Unfortunately, as all good things must come to an end, the Robot eventually had to part with its guests, and forcefully took them to the nearest human shipping facility, as soon as it had the spare time. Jessyratfink was politely escorted back Sunday morning, and Zachninme was shipped off Tuesday morning.

We do miss our attendees dearly, and hope to see more of you at the next Instructacon!
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will there ever be one in ny


10 years ago

Where exactly was it held? Will it be in the same place next year? I'd really like to come. :)

It was held at the Robot's favorite re-charging station, Instructables HQ.

Where exactly is that? :) It used to be at Alameda, but it got moved...

489 Clementina st. San Francisco,CA 94103 3rd floor

Yep. Use Google maps, you can check it out in Street View. It's a red building.

Is the rest of the building squid labs, or other companies? And what about their machine shop?

Potenco is there, but Makani stayed at the tower. There are quite a few other companies throughout the building, its fairly large ;-)


10 years ago

That would have proven awkward an airport.

LOL. He would probably be tackled by security guards when he stepped through the metal detector and it goes off.

also ur avatar is like, the BEST THING EVER!!

yah, HA but really,Why did he
have to go so soon!!


Demon-Jessy! Her eyes are as red as Robot's. Scary. Now we see her darker side.

I know. I try to hold it back. :( But what can I say? I love flashy and shiny. I neeeeeeds it!!

I love that I was politely escorted while Zach was shipped off. I'm sorry that it cost you guys so much to escort me! But I guess those were pretty good hugs for $10, right? :P

...and Zachninme was shipped off Tuesday morning.



10 years ago

Hmmm, looks like Zach copped some O'Reilly book booty...

Yeah, thanks to Bilal, I have Programming Collective Intelligence, which I was looking at just days before going to the HQ. Imagine my surprise when he handed me the book :P

I feel like such a nerd to have recieved a O'Reilly book (in a awesome way)

When I read the title (and part of the content!), I thought you had done some type of burning man-esque destruction of the robot head...only to have a new one for next year.

why is he leavin