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The Rocket Office Chair for Your Emergency Getaways Answered

If you think that you might need the option to blast through the roof to safety, this chair can do it for you. With enough thrust to keep you up in the air for 45 seconds you'll have plenty of time to escape and plan for what you're going to do when you come back down again without a parachute.

via Boing Boing Gadgets


i need one of these for Algebra...

Teacher: What is this? 7x+9y- 7/4x= 6x+5y
Me: *pushes ejection button when teacher turns back*
Teacher: *teacher turns around and randomly calls my name before looking* (my name here)! What is the answe... wheres (me)?
Friend: He blasted thru the roof!
Me *in air*: heheheheh!

Great Scott! That's my dream come true!
Funny thing is I never knew I had said dream till now.... bleh compulsive shopping!

lol that chair looks casual for any office lol. cool though. they need to make one of these that you can control.

Cor, follow the links back - this bloke puts rockets on anything and manages to make them look very cool at the same time.

more thrust in your flush LOL

I do believe this is the best representation of one small part of my brain...