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The Serious Eats Pi Day Pie Contest is launching soon! Answered

We've partnered with Serious Eats again for our yearly Pi Day contest. It'll be open for entries March 4th through 18th, but we wanted to give you guys a heads up before it launches!

Get brainstorming! You could win a new iPad or a fantastic baking prize package from King Arthur Flour.

Click here to get a sneak peek of the contest before it opens!

P.S. - Make sure not to publish your awesome pies before before March 4th! They have to be published March 4th or after to be eligible. :D


I'm interested in this contest! :) I see Italy is not listed in the rules, is there any way i can participate? :)

You can definitely enter! If you win you'll need to have the prize shipped to someone you know in an eligible country. :)

Count me in...looking forward to it.

Thanks for the heads up! I love this when you guys have the Pi Day contest! I have always wanted to participate..but have waited..till this one! Can't wait!