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The Shaggs - "better than the Beatles" Answered

I caught this on BBC Radio 4:

The story goes, that grandmother had an insight that the sisters would become a big band. So father tried to make it happen. 5 years of practicing without musical-influences one album (1000 copies), and embarrassing performances.

I've been really getting into what I can find, because it's not music as we know it... take out doing something that you want to do (they didn't) and trying to sell records, knowing what music is etc...


Shaggs are now seen as a groundbreaking outsider music group, receiving praise from mainstream artists such as Kurt Cobain and also from Frank Zappa after he called the Shaggs "better than the Beatles".


In the spirit of only positive comments isn't it wonderful to know that music, as we should know it, can't get any worse than this.

Thanks for the first thoughtful comment.

I'm interested in your use of the word "should" as it implies some kind of musical-morality?

What do you think of this in terms of "music"?


That is really cool. I think it is what "sampling" is. I believe it is what Imogene Heap did on her last CD with sounds from her home, water dripping from the faucet etc. I just don't see the appeal of, except in some crap existentialist I-understand-it-and-you-don't-way, The Shaggs.

I used the word "should" above to imply what i hope is an understanding by everyone of what is good taste in music, if that implies a music morality in this PC world so be it. I am not afraid to say what I don't like, but this is different. It's not that I don't like The Shaggs, I don't, but beyond my preference I can tell when something is crap. I don't like Jazz for example but I don't think it's crap.

What I really like is your ever present way of turning me on to new music, weird things you find, putting yourself out there after going "in there" digging around like a mole to discover all the fun things you share.

It's a bit reassuring to know that this all-girl band is from the U.S. Hopefully, that means their name (provided by their father, according to the Wikipedia article) wasn't taking from British slang :-/

From the hair-style apparently, but it still doesn't sound right to me as someone British...


I believe the most discriptive word would be: cacophony :-)