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The Strangest Warning Label You Have Seen Answered

What is the strangest/funniest warning label you have ever seen? Here are some of mine: Hairdryer- Do not use while sleeping. Wii (I'm basing of off memory, I don't own a Wii)- Do not eat. Paintballs- Do not feed to penguins.


This one kills me: Contact (allergy medacine, otc): May cause drowsiness, ...may cause irritability...sleeplessness...

Sleep medicine: May cause drowsiness.... um, ya think?

Huh, I thought they were supposed to keep you awake. This explains a lot... *Tosses aside bottle.* :P

ta' heck with any kinda fur, i wear jeans and a t shirt

I agree there.....even sweaters are not my friend. I hate static shocks and I get them all the time, when I am not in my work shoes (leather bottoms, as this drains off the charge). Fur and sweaters only make matters worse for me.

Of course! Me too. (when it's not 90 degrees outside down here in Florida)

There was one on the Internet that I saw and it was on a mattress and it said "Do not swallow".

I like many slow witted babies swallowed my mattress a few times...

Did you ever wake in the morning having dreamed of eating a giant marshmallow, and woke only to find a portion of your mattress gone? I know, old joke

Microwave oven : don't use it to dry living animals.

Err X_X My Uncle's a vet, and there are people that do that. He rescued a kitten from the microwave, but it was too late, so he adopted it. Its name is Nukah ( Nuke as in microwave) and it has severe breathing problems and mutations. Plus, it's ridiculously fat.

Aww, poor kitty. I wish people didn't do things like that.

Well, a lot of times they do stuff out of ignorance.

My little sister once tried to heat a Tea kettle of water in the microwave, it did not like the aluminum kettle AT ALL *sigh*

I remember hearing something like that on the news, a women microwaved her baby to death.

LOL, wow, I can't beleive people actually do that. Btw- Just wondering, what kinds of mutations does it get? Does it get tumors, or cancer?

printed on body armor: Failure to insert this ballistic protective panel in the outer shell will result in absence of protection. Claymore antipersonel mine Face towards enemy.

angle grinder : Use of the tool not following the instruction manual is dangerous יש להשתמש לא לפי המדריך למשתמש בדיסק מסוכן (translation : Use the dangerous tool not following the instruction manual) (all the manual looks like translated online) extension cable : to be connected by qualified electrician only label on cable of hair dryer : some 6 lines in RED AND BLACK CAPS LOCK of obvious stuff and 'DO NOT REMOVE THIS LABEL' at the end school textbook about emergency cases : in the case of gas leakage turn off the electricity - a sudden short circuit may lead to explosion package of CFL : images showing to hold it by the socket (that its screwed in) and not by the lamp computer power supply : do not open this cover trained service people only no service people only no servicable components inside soy milk : may contain soy cat food : not to be eaten by humans acetone : exterior use only

An automobile battery that warned: Do not drink contents a hair dryer that warned not to use it in the shower (how else am I to get my hair to really frizz up ? LOL).


reading this caution is mandatory, unless you can't in which case....um, yeah.

Spotted on a half-galllon jug of beer: "Surgeon General's Warning: May cause intoxication." Spotted on very off-brand allergy medication: "Side effects may include itchy, watery eyes" On a small sticker attached to the bottom of what is very obviously a stool in the school science lab: "Not for sitting." Jar of peanuts: "Warning: contains nuts. Processed on machinery that also processes nuts." Molded into the plastic just around the laser lens on an off-brand portable CD player: "Avoid looking at lens" On metals-based sunscreen bottle, in very fine print, just below the copyright and mailing address on the back, "May cause skin cancer." On plastic wrapper around the individual flavorwood fire logs sold at the supermarket in a small eastern Wymoning town I once ran out of gas at: "Do not incinerate." On gas pump: "Place nozzle in tank, THEN pull trigger to dispense gas." (emphasis theirs) On hotel shower curtain: "May be wet." On spool of 100 feet of 2-guage copper wire: "Do not eat." (Dang, I was going to eat it like a Slim Jim. I guess I'll have to go have some solder pretzels.) On quart of two-stroke oil: "White smoke is normal, unless you haven't started the engine yet." On cup of coffee: "Caution, contents may be hot" (No, ya think? I don't understand how anyone can have the balls to sue for getting burned by what is by definition served hot, and spilled it on themselves... and win) Sharpie'd on carboard sign, duct taped to pine tree at ski resort last winter: "Do not hit this tree" and a little ways farther down the run, "Not this one, either."

I dated a girl once... a while back... that had the "slippery when wet" road sigh tattoo'd... down there...

I remember the Larry the Cable Guy joke... "She had a tattoo on her hind end, said 'downgrade. Watch for other truckers.'"

I know three girls with similar signs...

One has a stop sign just at the top of her buttcrack, I laughed so long at that one...

I helped shave a proper landing strip in, I think that was the best use of gillette fusion ever... Never thought the same way about baths though...

The other has a Left and right on the opposite sides of down there, a very weird aiming joke, the story behind that tattoo is even better...

Aye Aye...

I can't think of anything that bad about them except the aim joke...

A bullseye might be even better. My sis keeps getting tats, and I suspect there are a couple I DO NOT want to see!

Probably right there... I might though... Sorry bout mum jokes are too cliché other relatives are good though...

HaHa! Look up the ibler "NC Hillbilly in NY". CHeck her avatar. Still wanna see those tats?

OK, that's not really her picture. I helped her set up her account last time she was down here. She's actually a real pretty girl. Except for maybe the octopus tat!

Skunkers... your devilry has no ends, first you attempt to thwart my advances then encourage me...

No really I'm not for or against tattoos though so...

You know this will haunt you after time has passed

Sometimes a sigh can come with a smile ...