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The THE EVIL SMILEY OF DOOM is getting really annoying!!! Answered

Would someone disable the THE EVIL SMILEY OF DOOM in the chat room?
It is getting really annoying!
It ate me like THREE times and it put me to mute too!!!
What can I do about it!


You're welcome, but please no cursing.

Cursing? Sorry I did not know that d**n is a curse word... I do now! :)

They are so many people... But still people didn't listen...

Ahhh, now your comment makes so much more sense...

XD It took me a while to notice that. I seem to be making quite a few typos lately.

I know. They just ignored us. I guess I'll repost that public service announcement here. Maybe someone will listen this time...

I sure hope someone will listen this time, it could be disastrous if they don't.

Last time people kept wanting to rebel and leave the evil smilies of doom where they were and post even more of them!

THIS IS A PUBLIC SERVICE ANNOUNCEMENT See those smilies to the right, by your names? Yeah. They look like laughing little friends, harboring nothing but goodwill. They are not. They are in actuality evil smilies of DOOM! That's right! DOOM! They are leering at you because they are up to something, and that something is to JUMP YOU! So, whenever you enter the chat room, please kill them by putting this: :)>- in front of your name. If you do not, they will eat you. "But there is still an evil smilie next to my text box!" you say. No worries, send out benders (type "bender" in parentheses) and then instruct them to go patrol for evil smilies of doom. But remember to send out more every time they drop off the edge of the page! Please comply with these simple measures, for the safety of everyone in the chat room. That is all. Maybe someone will listen this time...

Maybe someone should be in the chatroom more.. Hehehe :D

I tried to tell Ya'll, but nobody would listen...

I listened to you, but I umm, forgot, I did not write down the information. Can you please tell me again? And did you say something about the "blenders" awhile ago?

*Sobs* In the forum topic that the chatroom is posted in. Below. Scroll down. I said "PUBLIC SERVICE ANNOUNCEMENT" in humongous letters.

Explain. I don't frequent the chat room as much, could you give a screenshot?



9 years ago

What is it?