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The TNKIT: My Apologies.. Answered

My sincere apology to all the "TNKIT Contestants".
I forgot to tell you guys that I_Am_Canadian took over the contest.
I was kinda desperate to get the contest running again, but my computer kept dying, jamming, etc.
So, do you guys accept my apology?
I sure hope so, i'm really sorry but i was unable to do anything because of this "stupid twenty-first century machine", as my grandma always calls it..
Later guys,




So... I forgot.

(smacks head on keyboard)

Anyway, are you going to finish it up? I thought you mentioned you at least semi-fixed your computer.

Thanks for telling us, and keeping it going. I do however have the same question DJ had. Thanks. 

When is IAC gonna post round 4?!


8 years ago

well at least its still running...