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The Thought Bunker #3 Answered


I am hosting a Forum Topic train. This one involves some thinking. But it's not math! It's the fun thinking. The kind you can talk and laugh about. So, what do you say?

This week's Thought Bunker:

If insects are so obsessed with bright lights, why don’t they fly off to the sun?

Well, what do you think? Tell us!

This week's Best-Thought:

logic boy says:
Because its just moths and mozzies that like light, when do they come out? Nightime. Is the sun out at nightime. NO. Also the sun is a source of natural light, as far as bugs are concerned it has always been there and always will be



8 years ago

1) When does an arch become a tunnel?
2) What would happen if you were travelling at the speed of light in a car, and      then turned the headlamps on?
3) If mineral water has been sitting in the earth for thousands of years, why does it have a expiration date?
4) If you tried to fail, but succeeded, which have you done?
5) Do fish get thirsty?
6) Is a coffee mug still a coffee mug when filled with tea?
7) If you take a shower, where do you put it?
8) Shouldn't there be a shorter word for "monosyllable"? (one syllable) 
9) Would a wingless fly be called a walk?
10) Why isn't phonetic spelled the way it sounds?
11) Why does your nose run and your feet smell?
12) Do cows have calf muscles? 
13) Why does an alarm "go off" when it begins ringing?
14) Why are things typed up but written down?

Well that's enough to keep everyone going

1- when you have a bunch of them lined up and have no gaps
2- The headlamps would be normal
3- Humans process it
4- You have succeeded because you tried to fail, and you succeeded in what you tried to do
5- no
6- Yes, it's just called a coffee mug
7- Up your bum
8- No
9- No
10- Because it isnt
11- Lol@ the joke
13- It's kinda like how a bomb "goes off"
14- idk.

All very good answers. BUT here's one for you:
An pregnant woman in America was arrested because she had been falsely accused of stealing a basketball 

It is in fact true!
In 1985, a pregnant woman really was falsely accused of shoplifting a basketball.
I would say "only in America", but that doesn't really work when talking to an American (damn, I just said it!)

Darnit, I had 50% chance of getting it right, but I guess luck hates me.

Check out the Jamalam's avatar! De Ja vu?

1) when you can walk over it
2) light cannot travel faster than ligh speed so if somehow you got up to lightspeed (impossible through conventional means because as you accelerate time slows down) and you managed to get someone ahead of you they would not see the headlights go on.
3) because humans process it
4) its a paradox next question
5) no
7) yes, that is it's name.
8)  no
9) no, that is it's name
10) because thats the way the english language works
11) snot runs down, feet emit a smell
12)  probably
13) because "go off" is annother name for start, eg when you start a race you go off the starting line
14) when you type on a computer you usually look up, when you write you usually look down

that took me 10 minutes, can I have some more?

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well sorry I just thought you (and others) would want to know.

If you PM'd me some others, I might use them. I just don't want everyone to know what the thoughts are; they're better when they're surprises!

1 when its underground
2 the world would end
3 so u'll  buy more every week unnecassarilly
4 both
5 no,if they did theyre water would tun yellow after a while
6 who cares whats in it? yes it is
7 in the bathroom
8 i dont care how many syllables it has
9 probably
10 cause the guy whose idea it was was a nut
11 hmm good question
12 yes.i think so
13 cause you go off when u hear it,"darnit i dont want to go to work!!!!!"
14 same as 10

Because its just moths and mozzies that like light, when do they come out? Nightime. Is the sun out at nightime. NO. Also the sun is a source of natural light, as far as bugs are concerned it has always been there and always will be.

1 why do psychics have to ask your name and credit card number?
2 why dont sheep shrink when it raines?
3 how much deeper would the ocean be without sea sponges?
4 What happens if u get scared half to death twice?
5 How do u tell when u run out of invisible ink?
6 did ancient roman doctors call IV's 4's ?
7 why are they called apart-ments when they are all stuck together?
8 Why do we play in recitals and recite in plays?
9 if most accidents happen whithin 5 miles of home why doesnt everyone move 6 miles away?
10 why cant i set my laser printer on "stun" ?
11 Why is the alphabet in that order? Is it because of that song?
12 If white wine goes whith fish,do white grapes go with sushi?
13If the funeral prosecion is at night do people drive with theyre lights off?

1 they're fakes
2 same reason your hair doesn't

3 the water would take up the same volume so no deeper

4 you are 1/4 alive

5 because the ink is only invisible when it is dried

6 IV's weren't around in roman times

7 they are divided by walls making them separate

8 you play instruments, you recite lines

9 you would just have accidents 6 miles away

10 because its a printer, not a phaser

11 people just slotted letters into the old one, no
12 there are no such thing as white grapes
13 no it is against the law to drive with your lights off at night, and funeral processions always have thier lights on

It's closer to a Liquer then an wine :-)   Think vodka, for a comparison

normally, carbohydrates like corn or grains are fermented, and then distilled to get higher concnetrations of alcohol

Not only are there "white grapes" but there are also "black" grapes :-) 

I just made this up so it's not very good but....
Why do we watch TV, is it going to escape?

Please stop these comments of suggestions. I will not use them.

1)Why can a bird fly when a fly can't bird?
2)Why do octopusses have tentacles when there are only eight of them?
3)What would happen if you fell down a hole to the other side of the earth? Where would you stop?

1, fly is a verb, bird is a noun.
2, Octopus octogon, 8 sides, 8 tentacles
3, You would be incinerated in the mantle, but if you wern't it would be in the center.

With number 3, I normally knew it as:
"if you jumped feet first into a hole that ran straight through the earth, would you come out feet first?"

1)cause fly is the name of the animal duh
2)Good one
3) the center of the earth

But please stop these comments of suggestions. I will not use them.