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The Toy Building Blocks Contest starts Monday 7/1! Answered

Calling all master builders! You've wanted a toy building block contest for some time, here it is! Clear a spot on the carpet and dive into your favorite building bricks or blocks and create something amazing.

We're looking for projects that use toy building bricks in any way. Share your epic LEGO, Kre-O or MegaBlock creation, and win some amazing LEGO prizes. Submissions can include special construction techniques to photos of a completed project. We want to see your best creations made with toy building bricks.

We've got amazing LEGO prizes for the winners to keep your building skills as sharp as the pros. This contest is open to all types of *building blocks or brick*, from any manufacturer, and modified pieces are acceptable.

Check out the official contest page for more info!

Contest is open July 1 - August 12, 2013.


Do the blocks have to be Lego or can they be foam building blocks and wooden ones?